*I wasted a total of 4 weeks with Wells Fargo trying to get an appraiser to my home. Wells Fargo's complete lack of communication and miscommunications have led to my significant financial and lifestyle burden.

And I will not stop pushing this issue until a financial resolution is found.

*It took my loan officer 2 weeks to get the 1st (of 4) appraisers to my home.

*I was told 1 week after the appraiser visited the home that an undue influence was placed on the appraisal. I was provided no additional details as to why or an updated timeline. (Mind you, my moving truck was showing up the next day because I was supposed to close that week.) This is where I lose all timely communication with my loan officer, Heather Witt.

*Heather's manager, Kelly Smith, attempts to put an expedited request for a 2nd appraisal (of 4). This is the last communication I have with Kelly, as she ignored all calls/voicemails/and emails from me after this point.

I have the call logs and emails to prove this.

*The 2nd appraiser visits the home on a Tuesday AM. After visiting the home he immediately notifies his company that he will be unable to complete the apprisal and a new one would need to be assigned.

*Not 1 update or communciation was shared from Wells Fargo from that Tuesday AM to Friday AM. Wasting 4 days and money out of my pocket.

*After a multitude of unanswered calls and emails - The following week I am told by the underwriter that they're having a hard time finding an appraiser for the home. Which I find odd for such a large bank, and especially in such a large city.

That evening, Bill Reichert replies all to the email saying the underwriter was misinformed. No additional details or updated timelines were provided.

*Not only is the lack of communication, and incorrect information, frustrating but all this is happening as I am driving across the country to relocate for a new job. I am having to waste precious business hours of each day calling Heather for updates. I have call records and emails to show where it took an average of 15-20 calls/day to get a response/update from Heather.

I finally had to get Heather's managers, Kelly Smith and Bill Reichert, involved because of the untimely responses that were costing me significant time and money. Bill admitted that Heather's communication was not up to par and would be addressed. Bill also told me to keep all the receipts from my housing expenses and they could be sent for reimbursement at the end of all this.

*Fast forward to this week. I receive a call Tuesday 10/22 from Travis Gebhardt in "customer rentention" explaining that I will not be getting reimbursed from Wells Fargo, despite being told that I would.

Listed on WellsFargo.com – your company’s #1 value =

•Doing what’s right for customers.

We place customers at the center of everything we do. We want to exceed customer expectations and build relationships that last a lifetime.

After that, listed on WellFargo.com – your company’s #1 goal =

•Customer service and advice. After listening to and understanding our customers and their financial goals, we want to provide exceptional service and guidance to help them succeed.

I was a customer for Wells Fargo and I was failed by your company. Your company's lack of communication and miscommunication has led to the domino effect of where I am today.

I am now the one paying the price of your actions.. or lack thereof.

I am currently ($5,400) in the red.. sleeping in an Airbnb with 2 dogs and no kitchen.. a suitcase packed for 3 days that is somehow supposed to last me 30+ days..

all while I start and learn a new job.

Is this Wells Fargo’s standard for customer service?

Your team failed in both your company’s #1 value and #1 goal. And now your company is refusing to help remedy the situation.

I will continue pushing this issue until a financial resolution is found.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Mortgage.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $5400.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Wells Fargo Cons: Problems they cause their customers, Inability to aid in problem solution resolution, Worst service, Misleading customers.

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