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Wells Fargo and John Stumpf ( CEO of Wells Fargo) will lie to you and scam you! I was a Capital One Customer.

I went into Wells Fargo and told Join us. We are the Best. I was promised free checking with no fees. Lie #1.

Claims will be handled fast. Lie #2. No overdraft fees over $100.00 total a month. Lie #3.

I wrote John Stumpf and he never responded. He has never responded to any of my 14 letters. He has one of his professional liars respond. I get responses from His Trained Lair Felicia Smith.

Felicia Smith is the Senior Correspondence Specialist ( Liar and BS artist) for Wells Fargo. Avoid Wells Fargo. If you Google Wells Fargo and the words worst service, you will find that they are considered one of the worst service companies in the United States. Several list include them as the Worst.

Consumer Reports said they are the WORST bank in the Uninted States. I was assured no overdraft fees over $100.00. total per month. I had several hundred Dollars worth a month.

I went into the Frisco, Texas Branch at Preston and Main. I talked to a banker. He was indian or Middle Eastern. He assured me and promised me if I would contact the Wells Fargo customer Service department they would be refunded.

It never happened. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and they had the professional liar Felicia Smith respond. Nothing has been resolved. They have refused to do the right thing and refund any overdraft fees.

John Stumpf, Felicia Smith, and the Wells Fargo employees are Liars and basic scam artist! They will lie to your face. They will promise you things and then lie to you! Avoid Wells Fargo, John Stumpf, and Felicia Smith.

Go to any other bank. Wells Fargo has the most dishonest employees and the worst service ever. You write John Stumpf and he could care less. He clearly has no morals.

He'd screw the devil for the right price. Probably let the Devil screw his wife and Kids or the right price! Felicia Smith too!!

Followed by other Wells Fargo Employees. These people are evil!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Banking Service.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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My parents had a mortgage with them. They were billed late charges EVERY month.

My mom would express mail their payments to avoid the excess charges. They would sit on the payment until it was late. Finally, she sent it certified signature requested. Late fees slowed.

Eventually, they paid it off. They refuse to use them for anything.


I also had problems with Wells Fargo. I have never run across a more foolish bunch of people in my life.

Wells Fargo decided to update their computer over an entire weekend without telling anyone they would not have any access to their money for 3 days. i went out of town on that weekend and got stuck in another town for 2 days. These people are crooks, liars, theives and *** artists.

dont do any business with Wells Fargo. If u do u will be taking your financial life into your own hands


Dont spend more that you have and you wont get fee's...


How absolutely ridiculous, Lauren! Wells Fargo is the worst offender in unnecessary - and probably illegal - fees.

Their employees even set up illegal and unrequested accounts to get more business. John Stumpf is so scared of his own shadow with all the illegal stuff that facility is doing that he has several body guards around him all the time.

Wells Fargo abuses both employees and customers. It is one sick pile of corruption.


Not true. but you must be John Stumpy.


Agree wholeheartedly with this writer and have a great deal of empathy. John Stumpf is such a *** bag that he has to have a bunch of body guards around him all the time.

All he cares about is filling his own pockets.

He has caused so much grief for so many consumers and employees of Wells. Maybe Obama needs to bail him out again!???