I called Retirement Services as I was getting ready to leave a job asking about policies and procedures, because I needed access to my 401k, right away in my transition to the new job. I called repeatedly, never getting the same person twice.

We called for a week before I left, everyday after I left, attempting to expedite Three days after they wete given eveything they needed, I called on status and it is still sitting there. I yad explained that I had zero dollars, for a week already and I needed a manager, I continued in this line of exasperation and helplessness and was told by the manager I had to address him by his name, Evan, which he essentially made me say repeatedly bg threat of making it take longer to get my money. He said it would be expedited, but that it no longer could be overnighted., Because by now, my phone was off because the 7 day extension on that had run out. He said it took 3 business days to process at this point.

That is expedited? I had sold out of my posituons the first call I made in this process, so I didnt have delays due to settlement. I am formerly series 7 licensed and know the rules and process according to Erisa. I mentioned tgat I had done this on every call as a way of demostrating tgat I thinkibg ahead to avoid a y and all delays.

Since I had eaten crow and said Evan's name like I was his *** I actually thought the check would go out that day abd I got an email stating the activity.

I began watching my mail. On Monday, I called WF. I asked what tge status was. I am in NW Ohio.

I could have left Thursday and walked to Charlotte and picked the check up by Monday. I was told it went out that day. I couldn't believe it. Why did I kiss this dude's *** again?

Oh, yeah. I needed MY money. I placed my mail on hold, so that I could come to post office in the morning and know that I would need to formulate a pkan to eat early and so I wasn't going to cgase aroubd letter xarriers apl day, like sone sort of dog dreamscape. It is now Thursday.

It has not arrived. The processes in place, have no room for exceptions. The employers are handcuffed and they don't give a *** less.

I have no idea what to do at this point. I am sitting in my car.

I have no gas, ni food. No money, no dignity, no blood pressre meds, no energy, and am only still typing because I am being fueled by anger, rage, and disbelief. To you, Well Fargo, I hope you have a run on your bank . A pox on all of your houses.

Banks everywhere have only served to disrupt economic growth, not facilitate it . You lend when you shouldnt ans don't when you should.

You have proven yorself greedy on many occaisons and you deserve to rot awa. If Wells Forgo was hiding away a portrait ALa Dorian Grey, it's soul would be rotten and decayed beyond all recognition.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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