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I cannot get any answers as to why it took 18 years this July to find me after my husband's death in 2001. I've been tied to my husband's social security number with my receiving disability and widows benefits.

They want to give me a three week distribution sheet only after contacting FINRA. They show an amount approximately $6728. and end result left with $941. I don't even know if this starting figure is correct or not.

Received paperwork saying that all paperwork was in order and the funds of approximately $4709. would be transferred into my bank. This started in April, 2018. Now I'm receiving new paperwork they want me to sign (signature page) that gives them the right to distribute my monies how they want.

My bank protects my social security disability benefits and my widow's benefits. I owe no taxes, child support, have never filed bankruptcy yet they closed my husband's account and opened one in my name which is restricted because I won't sign this signature page. If you need further information, WF Resolutions center,John Halberton number 314-875-7494,case # 252844. I'm going to file the formal complaint with FINRA next week.

My phone is 770-899-2708. Sincerely, Diane Martin

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Banking Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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They must close your deceased husband's account and open up a Bene IRA since you're the beneficiary. There are rules to follow. Check out


I don't know why you expect a review website that has nothing to do with the bank to call you.....this is a review website - try calling the bank for assistance because there's nothing anyone here can do for you other than scratch our head at you posting this stuff here, ugh - I mean really

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