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I loved wells Fargo when I 1st opened my account in 2008. They have gone so down hill and have no concept on equal rights when it comes to their employees.

My 1st unbelievable experience with them was my auto loan, I owed 3000 on my car and they refused to work with me during some hard times, when I became homeless the agent I spoke to said " well if your homeless you should have no problem making a car payment I was shocked. I offered a pay off of more then half and they responded like I was crazy. The 2nd time was after I got caught up and they decided to help themselves to my account debiting a 300 $ payment that wasn't even due put my account in the negative and lots of bounced fees and refused to reverse the charges close to 600 dollars that coated me and not one of there superiors even bothered to follow up on the incident but they sure blew up my phone wanting my account brought current. The 3rd I have been a customer for over 10yrs and twice at a branch that feels like your in Tijuana would cash my hand written payroll cks with my expired drivers licence of 5 Mon even with a copy letter from DMV THAT I HAD APPLIED.

IM SO DONE BEING A CUSTOMER TO THEM WHEN I WATCHED OVER A DOZEN Spanish customers do and get allowed to do the very same thing with no boundaries or limitations on their same actions, my amounts under 200. and so rude and showing lil toL5 nothing with their load voice that carries through out.

I'm done being a faithful client for what reason? They obviously do NOT CARE SO WHY SHOULD I....there will be know 4th time for this girl.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Checking Account.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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