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Wells Fargo is the worst company in the world to do business with! Wachovia customers - run, don't walk - and open accounts somewhere else.

Complaint #1: They say they don't have proof of my insurance. I mail it in twice, and fax it in once. They want to add $300.00 a month to my car payment. Finally, I mail it in a third time - and they send me a "change of address" verification. Ugh! I don't want to change my fricking address, I want them to acknowledge my proof of insurance.

Complaint #2: I moved almost a year ago - called the company and gave them a change of address and phone number. Last week, a rude and mentally ill employee called me at work, bad mouthing me because she doesn't have a current home phone number for me? Who's fault is that? Other Wells Fargo employees have my phone number and have for the last year!

Complaint #3: I'm 20 days late on my car payment. I speak with a employee, tell them I plan on being caught up at payday next (two days in the future) employee says okay and then transfers me to formally mentioned rude and mentally ill employee, who threatens to repo my car, then screams at me, telling me she's not being rude. Refuses to give me her last name, tells me her "supervisor's" last name, but he's in training - every day, all day, for the last six days.

I'd refinance my car to be done with this company if I weren't underwater on it. Don't do business with Wells Fargo. This is HANDS DOWN the worst company I ever done business with!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Account.

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The IRA dept is just as incompetent as well as the branch employees and manager. IRA processing will not talk directly to the public and don't communicate well with their own IRA customer service dept about what needs to be done.

They will not even sign letters they send you so there is no accountability or responsibility when they make an error. Took 15 calls and 8 hours to fill out the forms by me and their own bank manager, then they return it saying it is incomplete, even after I called and verified and the mgr called and verified it was correct before the bank faxed it in to there processing dept. Finally when I explained their incompetence with them and told them I was done and not going to mail in a third form when the last one was correct they decided to process it and at least they admitted it was their error.

Save yourself the headache, stay away from Wells Fargo, BoA, Chase, they are all idiots. BoA branch managers are just door men to great customers coming in the door.