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I was sent to collections for a bill that Wells Fargo paid on my closed account.

In October 2012, I closed my business banking account at Wells Fargo. I was told to withdraw all the funds and then the account could be closed.

In November, I received a bill for $45 for a Client Analysis Service Charge. I was told the fee was incurred on the day I closed the account, so I paid it.

In December, the bank initiated payment for a Bill Pay that hadn’t been used in over 6 months. As a result I was charged a NSF fee of $35.

On January 14, 2013 after speaking with the manager, the NSF fee was removed from the account, and they assured me the account would be closed the next day.

On January 29th, I received another NSF notice because the bank paid a draw on this closed account for $131. And of course a NSF for $35. I called the bank branch to find out why the account was never closed and someone explained that it was the fault of the payroll service that drew the payment. She told me that they would call me and tell me how to proceed.

I didn’t receive a call back the next day, so I called and left a message for the manager. No callback all week.

On January 31st I received a letter from the bank informing me that since my account was in a prolonged overdraft status, they were closing the account and sending the amount due to collections. At another branch I was told to call the 1-800 number to speak with someone to get the NSF fee removed. I was transferred from department to department five times, and was finally told that I would have to get the NSF fee removed at a branch. At that point, I was enraged.

I paid the amount outstanding on February 6, 2013 because I know that no one at this bank knows what they are doing. All I wanted was for them to admit their mistake and fix the problem. Apparently that was too complicated for them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Banking Service.

Monetary Loss: $35.

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Wells Fargo...have nothing positive to say about this organization. I know the employees hate working there (I have known severally personally), so that's probably why they don't do their jobs.

But it's funny how every time I call I have to walk the employees through the terminology (to be fair I used to work for a bank regulator, so of course I know more than customer service reps and their managers).

Excellent job you're doing there, executives of Wells Fargo!

This is the first bank I have ever hoped failed. C'mon, just keep doing the terrible job you're doing and it'll happen eventually!!


I've had several issues with Wells Fargo over the last few years. Once they deposited my money into a different account on accident, it was someone from Colorado I live in Wisconsin.

Was told by a banker that I would need to go in and pay the final payment for my car loan, paid it. However, they still did the auto withdrawal and proceeded to cause my account to overdraft. Obviously they corrected these issue, however, they should have never happened in the first place.

I have a few more examples of them messing up or telling me bad information, but that would take forever. It seems to me the bankers are under trained and have major communication issues.


Yes, their employees are obviously not held accountable for anything they do - they just turf any problem to the next employee. I only ended up at Wells Fargo because they bought out Wachovia.

I've been with a few different banks through the years, and have never encountered such poor service.

They also allow those "overdrafts" to occur so they can make money on the fees. This bank is a joke.


I know it really dosent matter but really WACHOVIA bought out WF. Wachovia kept the WF name for a better brand name I guess... lol