Dorr, Michigan
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Since the start of my mortgage will these idiots nothing has gone right.

After closing with them they kept sending me checks I did not deserve. After several calls and emails they finally admitted their mistake. Now I get my first escrow analysis and I was short $1200 because they missed the fact that my real estate taxes have 2 payment. Now I have to either send them a $1200 check and still my monthly payment goes up $100 or pay the shortage monthly and have a $207 monthly increase.

If you are considering a mortgage with these idiots, review all paperwork 5 times because they do not care if they make a mistake.

You get an SORRY for the inconvenience.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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Hi there, sounds like a nightmare snowballing. IF you are alrready concerned about your mortgage sounds like you should see if loan is set up right.

Make sure there is no fraudulant activity going on.

I am dealing with Nationstar my nightmare started 8 years ago. I just found out I have a lot of fraud on my account and a signifigant refund they owe me for all the years overcharging and adding fees etc.

If you want information on how to get account looked over let me know.

I am here to help stressed out homeowners and to help any way that I can.

My review is on Pissed Consumer Nationstar I titled it

" They will remember me" I had Citi Mortgage before them but now I am going after both of them.