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Unfortunately, when Wachovia became Wells Fargo, they assumed my mortgage. Oh God, am I sorry that ever happened!!

I have always made my payment between the due date and the end of the grace period because I allot a portion of each of my paychecks to make this rather substantial payment, but NEVER by the late date. My loan was not originally with Wachovia, but was sold to them. Neither the first company, nor Wachovia ever contacted me about my payment, as it never made it into the "late" status. THEN CAME WELLS FARGO!!

Now I get calls from them starting at 8:01am the day after the due date, continuing all day long (according to my phone log; I'm busy at work earning my mortgage payment!) until 7:59pm. When I am home to answer, they ask me the same *** questions: "Why haven't you made the payment that was due yesterday?" "Why do you utilize the grace period?" "Do you plan to keep the house?" "Can I please take a payment from you now, over the phone?" "Can I please update your personal and financial information?" SERIOUSLY???? This is the 3rd house I've owned in 30 years; I've never walked on one yet. I also have NEVER been harassed like this by any creditor, EVER.

I expect them to start calling my neighbors soon. Sounds like the way their shady organization would work. I was not at all surprised to read about their unethical behavior reported by former and current employees.

I closed my bank account (prior to them taking over my mortgage) because of the little scams they pull adding services, accounts and fees without permission. This company needs to be reported and stopped.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Mortgage.

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That's sort of like rolling through a stop sign in the middle of the night when it's unlikely there will be traffic on the roads. It's still illegal, and more importantly, the stop sign is there to protect you from having an accident.

I agree that they can sometimes call too often, but really I know they're doing it to keep me from getting a fee and impacting my credit.

Try thinking of it as a safety belt, or an airbag.