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I used to work at Wells Fargo in San Jose, CA. Wells Fargo claims to spend upwards of $10k PER BANKER it trains before we officially hit the floor. We go through 6 weeks of intensive training on product knowledge and customer service. Everyone hits the floor excited to work for such a large and well-known company. The thing is, less than a week in I began to notice inconsistencies in its training program and what really goes on in the bank. Like most banks, we need to meet quotas. Accounts, CDs, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Online Banking, almost everything counts as a "solution." They bankers are expected to meet a MINIMUM of 10 solutions per day. Typically we have about 10-15 bankers working at the branch, meaning 15x10 is 150 hustled products that we "sell" to the customers (you're probably thinking "ohh that explains why I have 6 checkin accounts and 10 debit cards).

No other bank I've worked at has ever had as low of ethics as Wells Fargo, as they are willing to succumb to almost ANYTHING just to get these solutions, including lying and creating needs or scaring customers into opening accounts. Every morning we go to the branch 30 minutes early for a "pep talk" which consists of the manager barraging us and telling us that we're all working to keep our jobs. The sad thing is, most of these customers trust us to be their financial advisors and believe that we're looking out for their best interests. The other chunk of these customers already know how shady this bank is and put up defenses the moment they park their car outside.

They send us weekly on "offsites" where we go around the community harrassing local businesses to try to get new accounts. They warn us that we cannot waive fees unless it's a "banker error" (which it often is), but to try to "overcome these objections" without having to get it waived. Nobody can waive fees except the manager, which is typically a hard-as$ who hustled his/her fair share of accounts to make it up there.

An example of how things work there. A customer has $100 to open an account, and typically won't have a balance of more than $1000. We do everything possible to open all the products we have to offer, and give them upgraded accounts they can't afford, which results in them getting charged fees and repeatedly coming back to ask for it to be waived.

I worked there for less than a year and just could not take it anymore. I wish I could go back and take my book of business and call and apologize to every customer that has ever sat at my desk and been a victim of our "hustling". Now that I work for a credit union, I go back to Wells from time to time to do simple transactions and I am just appalled at the customer service there. They stand stalking the computers at the teller lines, and if they see that you have no products they can sell they simply walk away. Nobody is interested in helping customers who just want to order checks or repin their debit card. Your best bet to get help is to walk in an announce you want to open a new account and watch how many people suddenly get up from their desks to help you.

P.S. Wells Fargo won't even waive my fees, even though I used to be an employee there and the only fees I've recieved are from negligent bankers. I'm sorry to you all...

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I worked for Wells for almost 3 years, and while I was promoted to Lead and PB. I hated it more and more with each rung of the ladder I climbed.

Of 3 store managers I had, 2 of them were completely rude, selfish and degrading. They were always leaving early and having holidays off while we were left to get solutions. If we didnt get them we would get barked at a left feeling like we didnt deserve our jobs. Threats of resignation and demotion were always thrown at us if we didnt sell.

Customers were so sick of it they would tell us to not offer anything to them before we could even say hello. It was the worst culture to be in. I was exhausted and only when I was forced to take a medical leave because I have severe Crohn's disease, did I decide to quit and not come back. The day I initiated my leave, my manager called me.

She began yelling and asked me "Why would you come to my branch if you knew you were this sick?" I was so offended I just hung up on her and refused to return her calls. The ignorance of her appalled me. They teach you to be manipulative and sellsellsell! I am so thankful to be out of there.

I feel sorry for the few friends I made at wells that are still working there.

I just wish I could see that manager fired, I tried to call HR on her but no one would ever return my calls. Just another way wells fargo screws its employees over.


i feel for all of you people who have worked for wells i work for them now and expierenced everything all of you are saying and i dont know what to do ty for showing me im not the only one that feels this way by the way im the top preformer in my region but it means nothing to them...i hate my life right now because of them


That is do true. I used to work for Wells Fargo in Idaho.

Small town with 5 banks, and 3200 people.

I worked for 20 years for a bank that Wells Fargo bought in 2001 and then after 8 years with them my manager wrote me up. I didn't sign it and wrote I quit and walked out the door.


I reported them to the OCC and BBB and most of the calls stopped. I would suggest doing the same.


Couldn't agree more. I used to work at a branch in the South Bay too and I can sincerely say that the day I left has been the best day of my life yet.

Do not work for wells Fargo, point blank. The members of leadership are ridiculously and appallingly uneducated in every single aspect.

Not only that, no human being deserves to be treated like how I was while working there. I wouldn't even wish that upon my worse enemy.


All this is true, Wells Fargo has no ethics, it is a company that does not care about its customer; sales is all that matters and they are willing to harrass their customers and employees in order to achieve weekly and monthly quotas. Do not work for Wells Fargo; run away.


Thank you Osmo. My last day at Wells Fargo went like this: I'm leaving the house for work at 8:30 and I suddenly recieve a phone call from a family friend saying that one of my best friends since middle school passed away suddenly in his sleep.

I was in absolute shock so I called the manager and explained what happened and that I'd be in a little later. I dragged my feet into the branch that morning, in no mood to put up a front or spend another full day cheating people to get my 10 solutions. The moment I sat at my desk my manager comes up and says "so how did he die?" No remorse, no condolences, nothing. I told her I'd rather not talk about it and she said "well I'm still expecting you to get your 10 today.

You're going to do it right?" I spent the afternoon doing offsites around local businesses and by the end of the day I had 8 solutions but I was seriously fed up. I was so angry at my manager, so angry at myself for locking myself in this horrible job for so long, and out of emotional whim, I typed up my 2 weeks notice as preparation for quitting any upcoming day. While I'm packing up my stuff to go home, my manager calls me over to her desk. I thought it'd be to apologize for her attitude earlier.

She sits me down and says "I'm writing you up. You average 9 solutions a day instead of 12, you don't make 25 dials every day to get new accounts, and you don't have 3 new account appointments per day. Why don't you think you can succeed at this job?" I said, "to be honest, I just feel a lack of motivation at this point." I quote her word for word, "well, if you want to go to the printer right now, pull out a sheet of paper and write down I QUIT I'll accept that." I told her "too late, I already have it." and I whipped out my two weeks notice and got up and left.

I was absolutely appalled at this kind of behavior and lack of compassion for employees. good riddance.


Seriously, I needed to read this. This is exactly what I am feeling at this point. Your stories empower me to finally get out of my own way.


:cry that was beautiful.. thank you.