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So when i noticed ...9 hours latter ..i when on line and turn off my day went to the store not such a luck..called the 1800 ##they told me i was going to get my new one card yeah.. in 5 to 7 business days..but all my money it's on the bank i need to go grocery shopping put gas on my car...runnining out of gas...When i went to curryford location orlando Florida.

gave my drivers license.Not such a luck..she told me i needed 2 IDs...when she knew i was upset ..i go to the same location all the time....Anyhow this is not the first time i went there ..for something so little like for example when i needed some papers to purshed my house..they had such A bad Attitude...but when i go to chickasaw trail. It's so much different it makes a difference ..people there are so friendly ..makes me feel like they care..Anyway the lady at chickasaw

Made a difference and i appreciate it thank you...her name is jessica Montoya

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