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yea i am pissed off at wells fargo mortgage company.i wish i could keep my trash and throw them out.

they are a lying, fake mickey mouse ran company with conflicting inaccurate false and misleading information. their home loan modification program is designed to trick consumers into believing they will get help. they will constantly give you the run around and lie to your will always be asked to supply the same information and re-enter the program for reasons only known to them. do not trust this company or wachovia which they own as well.

some one really needs to turn the heat up on them and expose them for what they really are.i bet their CEO is counting his bonus money..the rat bastards!!!!!

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I am aware that many homeowners are waiting for Mortgage Loan Modifications. I would like to speak with all homeowners who have had a Mortgage Loan with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage.

Darryl Grayson

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I hate them too, from way back.


A WF bank rep opened a business credit card for me. She said there is no annual fee associated with card. You know how they train their employees to push their $hitty products on you every time you walk into their branch. The rep was a really nice lady, so I agreed to get the card so she could get credit for it.

I have never even used the card once. Well, Wells F-U decided to charge me a $50 fee for some *** rewards feature I was supposed to get on the card, a card I NEVER used. All of the sudden, I see a balance owing AND LATE for three months when I checked my banking online. I called their customer DISservice and told them I never even used the card, so why is there a balance? She said it was for the fee. I told them to reverse the charges and to write a letter to the credit bureaus to correct their error in reporting my account as late. They refused to do it. They said it was not their rror, that it was my fault and that I should have contacted them sooner.

I said I've never used that card, so how did I know to contact them about it? They said I got statements. WTF would I look at statements for if I've never used the card? I do all my banking online, so I never look at bank statements, either. Still, the mofos still would not correct their reporting to the credit bureaus. They f#cked with my credit and refuse to fix it.

I closed all my accounts with them that same day. I'm going to pull my retirement accounts from them, too, once they...

Wells F-U . . . here's my middle finger, you f#cking a$$holes!!!

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Every horror story you read about WF is true.I was out of work, missed several months mortgage payments, then spent an entire year trying to got the mortgage modified/reinstated.

Once my work returned they stalled for months, which unnecessarily destroyed my credit rating. Finally, after my income hit a seasonal peak, they offered me a modification that would RAISE my payments, at an interest rate 40% higher than market rates, and said if I didn't accept they would foreclose.

It was outright extortion.Wells Fargo management should all be thrown in jail.


I so hate them.Just got off the phone today with a guy named Nick.

Called about lowering my 6.5 interest rate. Said the only and I mean only thing they could do was a stream lined refinance that would cost me 3500.00. IF I had 3500.00 laying around I would not refinance. Said it would lower my payment 90.00!!!!!!

Are you serious????? Said there was nothing else they could do or anyone else.

Hate them.I wish I could mail them the keys and tell them to stick em.


I contacted Wells fargo regarding a loan modification in November 2010.I had an unexpected expense that occured and wasot able to pay my October/November payments.

I attempted to see if there were any options available before I made the decision to not pay them. There wasn't according to them. I contacted them every two weeks to get the status of the request and each time I was asked to send in my pay stubs. My current payment is about $1100 a month.

Finally a week ago I received that a modification was not approved but that a payment plan was being offered. Their solution was to offer me a six month payment plan increasing my monthly payment to $1425. If my payment of $1100 is a struggle, how can increasing it help me? I sent the a check stub showing my take home pay was $1333, how would I be able to meet that payment.

Wells Fargo is a joke and really does not care about helping their customers. I have had my mortgage for 6 years with Wachovia/Wells with on-time payments until recent. Even after missing the two payments, I resumed regular payments to show my good afith efforts to pay,but that doesn't matter to them.

I was told that I need to think about selling my home.I not trying to avoid payments, just a little help with my mortgage.


I call them "Hells Cargo" for a reason.My family thought we just completed a VA streamline refinance only to find out that they closed us a month late, we had to pay and extra payment and now we just received a letter tonight telling us they want over $1,000 more in order to payoff the old loan!

Are you kidding?!!!

What the heck was our escrow closing for?Completely ridiculous.


Gads, these posts are so depressing!I believe every one of them though - I used to be a Wells Fargo customer.

The very first time was back in the 1970s. I banked with Wells for about 5 years and had money disappear from my account and money disappear from deposits that I made in the night deposit slot from the banch on American River Dr. in Sacramento, CA. I was never able to solve the disputed missing money so I closed my account with them.

The bank that I opened up a new account with, in the early 1980s, was taken up by Wells in the mid 1990s so I ended up, by default, with another Wells Fargo account. Well, after a few short months of having a Wells Fargo account, money 'disappeared' from my account (again). After not being able to solve the 'mystery of the missing money,' I closed the account and opened up another with another bank. Keep in mind that I'd literally lived on their customer service phone lines waiting for someone to answer, at all hours of every day of the week for close to 3 months with no success and that I went on to try to get someone at the bank branch to explain to me where and why the money was taken from my account all to no avail.

Well, this new bank that I opened up the account with was bought up, ALSO, by Wells Fargo not even 2 years after I opened up my account so this time, without waiting for money to just 'disappear,' I closed the account and opened up an account with another bank.


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if everyone filed bankruptsy that wells fargo wouldnt help. well then wells fargo might not be around much longer would they?

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