Suffolk, Virginia

I have experienced all of what I have read about WF. I have been going through a modification for a year and 7 months.

I have submitted and resubmitted paperwork after paperwork during this time. I have a file 3 inches thick of everything I have submitted and all the calls and conversations I have had with them. My foreclosure sale date is next Friday and they told me I would have an answer before that date. They have wasted so much of my time and I feel at least I am making an effort to keep payments on my house.

The fact is they don't want to do the foreclosure because they get their money either way. The economy has taken a toll on many of us and the ones that are really trying to make things right are just *** out of luck with this company. I would have rather them told me a year and 7 months ago there was nothing I could do so I could have saved the headache and the constant worry about this house. I do really wonder how many modifications have been submitted and how many they have actually modified.

This company sucks to say the least and we can complain and report them to any agency we want, but it will not save our homes. So what are we left with.

Everyones credit is going to be bad and we will all have trouble even renting a place much less trying to buy another. I am at loss for what to do and if anyone has suggestions I would love to hear anything at this point.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Mortgage.

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I had the worst experience banking with Wells Fargo. By far the worst bank I have ever banked with.

I am a careful person, I county my money to the penny whenever I buy anything. I even count money prior to spending, sometimes double checking my balance before spending. The fools at Wells Fargo double posted a refund. It made my account appear to have more money than it did.

So confusing was it, that any and all vendor including the norm like Starbucks, Target, all like me thought the extra money was there. The balance read double than was actuall there. They all let me purchase. I don't have overdraft.

The boneheads at Wells fargo are a bunch of foreign people, Rasta man, and Soviets. Literally.

Not a great bank. The good old days of great banking ended with Wells Fargo.

This never happened with Woods Bank, or any banks that I used when I was in college.

I now don't like Wells Fargo.


Try working for them if you think banking with WF is bad so is being an employee. I was there for 4 years when my last raise or kick in the nads I call it?

Was a whopping 6 cents yes less than a peso - I put in my 2 week notice - folks here's the deal - they have 250,000 employees world wide in 2013 they made 12 Billion in profit that's enough for all 250,000 employees to get a 40,000 bonus but hey lets not be greedy I mean give half back to the investors and 20k to your employees but oh no just like Scrooge McDuck u will take your 6 cents and be happy with it!!

Oh and the funny thing is this ask any employee if they bank through them and about 75% will say " Why *** NO. Enough said rant over.


Wells Fargo, hands down is the BIGGEST crook in banking today, no one else even comes close. I learned from experience that NOTHING is too low for Well Fargo.

Even if you go through their gauntlet and are able to cut a deal with them, they will do their best to add to it or change the agreement to their advantage.

Keep every piece of documentation when you deal with them, every statement, keep records of EVERYTHING! They are NOT to be trusted for anything, not even a penny.

If you go in the bank representatives are programmed to ask

"Why don't you open an account with us?" Simply tell them, "Because

you've ruined the country and you're stealing from people."


"Wanting you to succeed Financially" is the worst possible lie WF could ever write or post. A women loses her husband, lose her feet, and is forced to retire early, and as expected WF wants to sue her.

I see why there are investigations about this company. Please, anyone who has this mortgage company, please, please apply for another or choose another company. I beg you for your own good to not lef WF to be your mortgage company. Nothing good has happened since dad died and WF has done nothing to help.

They will only hurt you worse. Please, i know all morgage companies are mean, but please find another mortgage company. Truth is:

They wont make things easy for you. Why sign a contract with the devils company, when you know all he wants to do is cause misery?

. That was our first mistake. Evil comes in many shapes and sizes.

Thanks for your lies Michelle. Your perfect house is not worth dealing with a company runned by an evil spirit.


If you see a Well Fargo sign, RUN away faasssst! Bunch of crooks.

I can't believe they charge $1 fee to go to their own ATM to print out a balance receipt.

All other banks do not charge to print balance receipts on your their ATM machine.

Wells Fargo are bunch of blood thirsty animals that have worst customer service and hidden fees. If they could find a way to charge you a fee to use your own kitchen sink; I am sure they will find a way.



Wells Fargo Hater

Wells Fargo changes checking account requirements annually.

Always working to extract more fees.

They come up with ever changing limits on how much and how often you can do this or that. CS tells you one thing and the website something else.

I have four accounts and maintain a substantial business and personal balance.

I recommend you choose a regional or local bank and avoid WF.


I hate Wells Fargo, bad company to work for and also bad service....just awful! Say they'll do something and once they hang up nothing happens....just feed you bs.

Telling all family to account, already got 2 ppl. Going with them tomorrow.


Same thing happened to me...I have been TRYING SO HARD to work with Wells Fargo for the past 3 YEARS!!!!! I am a disabled vet and had to retire earlier than i intended from the military.

I called Wells Fargo 6 months prior to retirement telling them of my hardship...and the house was severely underwater. They assigned me a loan officer and i filled out all the paperwork at least twice...just to get a letter stating my loan was in good standing and that i had never missed a payment!!! Talked to greenpath and project hope who mediated for us. It took a year and seven months of weekly back and forth communication and paperwork for them to tell us they would not consider our loan modification until i quit paying...YES...THIS THE TRUTH THEY SAID I MUST QUIT PAYING TO BE CONSIDERED for a modification.

At that point I had been retired for a year and a month paying over $3000/month. I had gone through all my savings by the time they offered a partial loan then i was completely broke...upon retirement my mortgage payment was more than my retirement check...i then asked for a HAFA deed in lieu...i had to call the consumer protection agency to get a consideration....then they waited for the smoke to blow over and said i might be able to do a standard DIL but had to do a shortsale first...i asked about the HAFA and they said they didnt know thats what i wanted (it was written)...i now have a Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE) that is working desperately to help with a shortsale...trouble is during the stress of all this my husband and i divorced..we are basically homeless...and i am still an *** trying to work with wells fargo to make things right...i cant buy a home or use my VA loan till after the shortsale or foreclosure is complete, and then i have to wait another 2 YEARS...!!!Wells Fargo keeps dragging me through the dirt and I cant get on with my life...i fear I or my ex will be the next on their death list to die of a heart attack from all the stress!!!


I have been trying to modify my home loan since October 2011(after I became disabled and couldnt work full time) for 1 year I had been faxing, express mailing, and fedexing documents to no avail. Wells fargo claimed to either have not received my paperwork time and time again or claimed that my original documents were "unclear", I finally gave up and struggled to pay my mortgage by taking out 401k loans and relying on family.

When I lost my job in 2012 I tried to modify again and of course nothing had changed it was all the same frustration over again. After speaking with about 20 different home preservation specialists someone finally offered a 6mth unemployment program, when month 5 on the program was approaching I asked for an extension (because I had still not found employment), they told me that I needed to send additional paperwork and I have been doing so ever since. I am now behind on my mortgage because Wells Fargo is not helping me. They are making my financial situation worse as the days go by.

I have every piece of paperwork, every person that I spoke to and every bit of interaction documented in my files. Now when they ask me to send them something that I have already sent them I just laugh and resend it. Unfortunetely there doesnt seem like there is any relief for people in my situation. I will most likely lose my home but I wont stop fighting for it.

I will keep sending them their paperwork even though they have almost a 2 year old file of paperwork on me trying to modify my home home loan. One more thing, I was recently told by one of the home preservation specialists that in their notes it says that I refused to apply for an extension on the unemployment program. This institution is terrible I cannot believe what they do to people.

The mortgage problem is getting worse in this country nothing has changed. My stress level is through the roof and so are my glucose levels, I may end up in the hospital of a nervous breakdown because of them.


When they aquired my mortgage the missed an automatic payment I pulled my credit the other day and they have been reporting it 60 days late for 4 years and even if they didnt screw up its only 30 days on top of that they have my mailing address wrong after around 10 different transfers and investigations they fixed it and I even paid the payment. So I check my account and somehow they deleted the auto withdraw so now my payment is 6 days late and they called me 6 times while i was in meetings today.


Wells Fargo does not even deserve one star! Let me begin telling you how much trouble I've had since I've opened an account with them...

and it wasn't that long ago! First they changed my checking account, agent told me that they do not have a free checking anymore, but they do have a restricted one where you can't even deposit a check at an ATM. Well that screwed me over, since I've paid $100 for new checks that I had to trow away! Every time I go to a teller, I hear: "do you know what kind of account you have, well we can certainly change it for you." A NO!

you're not changing it AGAIN! It's ridiculous. Right now I'm trying to make payments overseas, and I can't even do that! After 3 days of attempts, I've decided to call their alleged "customer service"...

RUDE, INSENSITIVE, ***! Talked to 3 people, including a fraud department, that never even thought of contacting me to verify transactions, instead they've decided to put my account on HOLD! Wow, I have never experienced anything alike, my credit card companies are great, always courteous and DO call to verify before doing anything ***. Well, after intense conversation with the fraud department yesterday, I was told that she would put a notice on my account that would be good for 30 days, in case of charges from overseas.

Today, my debit card is declined AGAIN! WTF!!!!!

They've really screwed me over and over, and over for the past year. PLEASE FIRE YOURSELVES, BECAUSE YOU'RE NOT MEANT TO SERVE PEOPLE!


If you can get your mortgage anywhere else, then do it. Wells Fargo is the biggest crook out of this housing collapse than any other bank.

They are also one of the primary causes.

They offer no support or assistance with meeting mortgage requirements, etc. Even if you have good credit they do everything they can to prevent you from getting out of an upside down situation.


I HATE WELLS FARGO. I made my mortgage payment on friday june 29 at a local branch.

Now i found out that it didnt post until July 2.

It is being reported to credit bureau that i was late. I called the 800 number and was told if i called and did payment by phone FOR 20 DOLLARS it would not be late.The reason i went to the branch is to say the $20.


They are the worst of the worst. It's a crazy world we live in. Ever since they took over wachovia, they have made it nearly impossible to keep my family housed and fed.


I received a letter from "Larry Tewell" regarding a minor balance due on my credit card. They already cashed my check and it was in the ten times the amount of the minimum payment.

I have been a credit card customer for over 25 years. This company failed to live up to their bail out.

They are not "too big to fail", they are prime for failure.

Whatever you do, avoid Wells Fargo at any cost. Any credit union provides superior rates and superior service.


I just got back from closing all my accounts at Wells Fargo. After 26 years of agonizing pain, I am finally free of them!!!!

Having a mortgage thru Wells Fargo is like having all your fingernails pulled out one by one.

Banking with them in general is like preparing for a colonoscopy, every time you move, there's more *** to put up with! I will NEVER GO BACK!!!


lemme tell ya'll something about WF. when they took over wachovia, i knew it was gonna suck.

my wife was a tad more patient with em, but finally she realized what a bunch of non professional bunch of corporate *** they are. I can believe anything just about anything i read about them.


So glad to see people standing up against Wells Fucky. The only thing worse than their product is their customer service.

They also treat employees like *** and are constantly breaking the law and getting by with it. They discriminate on a daily basis against older workers, veterans, disabled. The majority of time spent by employees is: smoke breaks, drinking, internet, texting.

Close any accounts you have; go to a local bank or credit Union or USAA for funding. Hit the SOBs in their pocket.


I have a wells fargo auto loan. Just in the past 2 months, they changed us over to Wells Fargo Dealer Services.

NOW, you can't log into your account online through the regular banking route AND you can NO LONGER MAKE A CAR PAYMENT AT THE BANK!!!



I too found myself in the unenviable position of becoming a Wells Fargo customer after the Wachovia merger (was it a merger or a takeover)? I was with various banks throughout many mergers/takeovers to end up with Wachovia.

All seemed fairly similar and I stayed on. That was until Wells Fargo became my bank!! They are absolutely awful! After 20 years, I closed every account I had with them.

The final straw was them trying to get $.14 out of me for online transactions. Maybe a little something but $.14!!

Wow, even the GM unions were only greedy enough to skim $.01 off of each union worker's dues.

I truly hope they end up going bankrupt for their greedy and unethical practices! No one deserves it more.