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I hate Wells Fargo. We've been good customers for many years.

This month, a client paid me late, my account went into a negative balance. I deposited two checks for over $3,000 and Wells Fargo is holding one check for 4 days and the other for 10 days! They've already been paid the $35.00 insufficient check charge (which I have no problem with). How am I suppose to pay my bills when they are holding my money?

Including my mortgage to Wells Fargo? Now they tell me that ALL of my deposits will be held for the next 12 months. *** Wells Fargo. I've referred literally hundreds of new clients to you over the years.

You guys made a profit last quarter, on the backs of the middle class.

It's the real world where people are living paycheck to paycheck. Glad you are so understanding.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Mortgage.

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To the customer who couldn't receive the deposit there is another scam going on where a crime ring sends runners out to deposit worthless checks into other peoples accounts. When the customer is contacted by the fraudster he/she pretends the deposit was a wire and asks for a portion to be sent back, customer complies and check is returned unpaid, customer is then responsible for paying the bank back.

So they are protecting you from that, have a banker make a note on the account that you accept the deposits into that receiving checks from this person is OK and they can use the deposited into account of within named payee stamp and lack of endorsement is just fine.

CAUTION You don't want a note on an account you use all the time as it force prompts an approval EVERY TRANSACTION and will delay you.


To the DBA guy, bring in your DBA have them add the DBA to your personal account as an alias, or open a business account (which there are free options) you don't HAVE to have business accounts tho.There have been many recent scams involving checks written to one company or person and accounts with a similar title receiving the deposit instead, funds are withdrawn before check is returned unpaid. that's why they are suddenly being strict about it.


to the original complainant check out regulation cc hold restrictions, if the total deposit was under 5000 and your account had not been over drawn 6 days or more in preceding 6 months or 5000 for 2 or more days. and the checks being deposited had not been returned unpaid previously they can\'t put the ten day hold.

Provided you outside of Alaska. Generally speaking 200 will be available next business day, and 4800 more will be available the one after that provided the deposit is being held since it is over 5000.

If your account is repeatedly over drawn and it did not convert to an opportunity account they may only place extended holds for 6 months from the last overdraft. (but they wont unless the checks are over 5000 Wells follows a simplified version of Reg CC) What I suggest is going to the branch where they know you and the checks you deposit and talking to a banker who you have help with your transactions going forward.


I'm a sole proprietor. I've been depositing checks under the name of my business DBA my name (which is legal) for 5 years into my personal account.

Now the ATM pulled it out of my account and told me I can't do that any more either! I have to open up a business account. The said they will refuse the check each time and not to even try it. Screwed over twice by Wells Fargo.

Everyone in my family is now pulling out their accounts. Wells Fargo, you have a lot to learn about customer service.


What are you protecting me from ? ! ? !

My friend tried to deposit money into my account With my account number and permission. He was done this a couple of times at various branches because he owes me money. Well a Well Fargo Teller told him I had to endorse the check before I could have it deposited.

The quote was "To protect your account". What are THEY protecting my account from ? ? ? I know the money is being deposited. I am out of state on travel. Instead of taking the moment and call me to confirm they quoted "To protect your account" and said no to the deposit.

:( :( :( :( :(

Credit Union here I come


time for a new bank??