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I hate WELLS FARGO. I was late but I also paid half, you would have thought I was in hiding for months.

250 dollars late, Come on now. For 250 and they hurassed me. I finally told them to come pick up the car, if that would stop the studip phone calls. I recieved 24 phone calls in one day.

I have the time for all of them. I finally told them. I will be recording all coversations & times they call. Now when they call after they say "This call may be monitored and recorded" I tell them the same.

They hang up everytime! ***

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Military Family losing their home due to identity theft of thousands of dollars that the bank will not acknowledge and attempted to cover up 4 years 60 letters later and refusal to answer CFPB We may be homeless this Loan started out $1333.000.00 2001 and today 2015 they want $1333.000.00 I guess we did not pay in 14 years and I guess statements letters 1098 cancelled checks and direct with drawls to them are meaningless and just so you know they do not honor the Military I was told do not use my boys state in the Military as it will not get me sympathy compassion caring or help me keep my home shame on them


The suddenly raised my pmt almost double due to taxes I paid and ARM without notice. Then someone from wells fargo calls and tellsme to catchup the would settle for $7000.00 IF I PAID IT RIGHT NOW but they wouldnt write a letter saying they wouldnt forclose.

I sild my house but wells fargo changed the locks so the buyers couldnt do the final walk through. They knew it was selling because they accepted the shortsale. It seems like they tried everythng to keep the sale from happening since they were auctioning it off in 4 days. This should be illegal.

I financed my new house with 1st national of new york and have never been happier. They are so nice and wells fargo was threatening and rude


I agree with everone who has posted! I have NEVER had problems with banking until Wells Fargo took over my Wachovia accounts - now I have fees upon fees, withdrwals deliberately taken out BEFORE deposits are recorded, and today, they reported me to the credit bureaus because my credit card was over limit by $16.91 - THE DAY AFTER IT WENT OVER LIMIT - without ever alerting me, or allowing me to correct it. I have 12 accounts with Wells Fargo, and will closing them all as soon as humanly possible!


I absolutely LOATHE the way Wells Fargo runs their overdraft system and their online banking in general. I used to rely on my online banking account to check my balance until WF completely screwed me over.

What they basically do is this:

They show you your total balance: X dollars

You make a purchase: Y dollars

They show you your new balance: X dollars- Y dollars

Then 2 or so days later, your purchase is nowhere to be found on your "account activity", and they show you your balance without the purchase: X dollars

If you make a lot of purchases or simply TRUST YOUR *** BANK TO GIVE YOU ACCURATE INFORMATION, then you see your balance as X dollars and believe that that is your true balance.

Because you believe that is your balance, you spend X dollars.

Suddenly, your previous purchase of Y dollars appears, and your balance is NEGATIVE Y DOLLARS.

Wells Fargo proceeds to charge you a significant overdraft fee.

This is deliberate manipulation of data in order to fool trusting costumers into paying unnecessary overdraft fees. I sincerely wonder how many MILLIONS of dollars WF has made off of this little scam. When this first happened to me, I called my local WF to complain, and they told me to keep a physical log of all of my purchases and keep a running balance written down in a notebook. That is what I do now, but the entire purpose of online banking is to do that for you.

DON'T TRUST BANKS. DON'T TRUST WELLSFARGO. It is a soul-sucking, merciless megacorporation that, if given the chance, will rob you of all your worldly possessions and then, when all else is lost, feast on your very flesh.


The way WF runs their overdraft protection system maximizes their potential to make sure that you misunderstand what money is in your account and what isn't so that they can charge you an overdraft fee. It's an automatic process that pulls money from my backup account to the checking/debt account. I can do this process myself online without a fee but they prefer to charge me 12.50$ every time they have to do it... it's an automatic computer action... F U WF.

How they process transactions is another way that is a horrible practice. For example I setup AT&T to take out my phone bill on the 14th, it just so happens that the 14th was also my payday. So I didn't worry about if I had the money in the account because it was being paid. Oh no, no no no. Wells Fargo said that the AT&T transaction happened before the direct deposit for my paycheck... so they charged me an overdraft fee. I should not have to bank hour by hour in order to avoid fees from these money raping monkies.

Taking my money to a credit union, F the banks and *** WF


They are a greedy bunch of incompetent scumbags.Get this,they don't even have to document customer interactions over the phone or any account changes they've made or who you spoke with.so one person can tell you something,you can get their name and when you spoke to them and it can be total lie.I told them how I have done customer service for 7 years for various companies and NEVER have I heard of such a negligent policy.You are always required to document EVERY customer interaction.I've worked for some bottom of the barrel companies and this is always required,of course not word for word but some kind of documentation on who you spoke with and what was done to the account.You would think someone as prestigious as a nationwide bank would require this but they don't.I was completely lied to about the overdraft policies by a guy named clint who I spoke with on the phone and when my account had overdraft fees I demanded to speak to him and why he lied to me and nope no record jus a buttload of overdraft fees and a "sry but thats the policy,tough luck"I demanded to speak to a supervisor and upon telling him this he HUNG UP on me.NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THESE ***


Is there ANY branch of Wells Fargo that IS competent? We're have a small business and have banked with them personally for years.

Over the last 2 years, w have had huge problems with branch bankers, branch managers (who have since been promoted),their corporate business banking reps, online billpay, and the investigative bankers of the various groups.

Each of our numerous and varied problems resulted in no apologies, multiple charges for us that took too Hurculean an effort to work through. These widely varying issues involve such situations as a stopped check that was easily cashed at a WF branch, a billpay that took over a month to reach the payee (resulting in work stoppages), transferring money from the wrong accounts and denying it vociferously when the evidence was overwhelming (of course resulting in charges to us) and so many more to enumerate.


wells fargo sucks!! i hate banks of all kinds..they make Jesse James look like an angel. at least he didnt shoot people in the back.


Dear I hate Wells Fargo. I make my payments on time.

I don't get those calls to remind me of my promise to pay timely.

by the way if you really want to see who is "***", check your spelling next time. Might add a bit of credibility to yourself.


So I posted this note on my facebook account......I hate WELLS FARGO - letter to them: When I first bought my house my lender was NOT wells fargo then the houseing market started to go for the worse and Wells Fargo purchased my loan, I received a notice from my previous leander and I cried that day because I really hate your company. You disgust me. Is it possible for you to show me that there is a sincere and trustworthy party to deal with. All I am asking is for honest and respectable measures to be taken. I paid my account in July - you even sent me a bill for aug showing the payment was made - now I received a second letter showing that I am behind, so we called you and now we are being charged a late fee and a fee to process the account, because of your error- and your also going to report negatively on my credit - I think you owe me money. Let's make it fee $40 dollars every day you don't credit my account the processing fee and late fee, if you report negativly on my credit report I will be taking you to court. Sincerely, me

then my friend who works for a bank posted the following:

You know they're being sued in federal court and they've been forced to close Wells Fargo Financial, right? You may be due more than you're asking for. I can send you more info from work tomorrow or you can look up Consumer Action's website.

When she give me more info I will also post on this forum.


I financed my first auto loan through Wachovia Dealer Services in August of 2009. Much to my dismay, they were bought out by Wells Fargo sometime shortly after that. My cosigner had to go through a bankruptcy in October of 2010. My car loan was incorrectly added to this bankruptcy, and according to Wells Fargo, the attorney had not filled out the affirmation correctly or timely enough to remove my vehicle loan from the bankruptcy department. They informed me that as long as I kept making payments, everything should be fine.

In the meantime, my financial aid was cancelled. I called and talked to Wells Fargo and made arrangements with my payments - I told them times were hard, I'd pay them when I could - and in the meantime, please accept partial payments on my loan. I thought everything was fine with them. Well, on June 13th 2011 - I come out to my car (actually, I was getting in my car to go put money in the bank in order to make a payment to Wells Fargo), and my car is not there. I start freaking out, thinking my car has been stolen. No, it was just Wells Fargo - repossessing my car without any notice. No phone call beforehand to let me know their intentions, no notice on the door to tell me what had happened.

So I call them and they inform me that in the state of Nevada, not only do they not have to give me any warning, they also expect me to pay off the full amount of the loan ($4,800 - but $5,167 with all of their BS charges) before I even talk to them about getting my car back. Awesome. Because, as a 20 year old college student with two jobs and cancelled financial aid due to budget cuts in my state, I can totally afford to do that.

I end up borrowing $5,000 from assorted family members and friends - on the final day, I wire them the amount (which cost me $26.00 at $12.99 for each transaction - the sum was too high to send via one wire). In the meantime, I call the local repo place - which is the last place I knew of that they took my car. They tell me "Oh. Actually, Wells Fargo picked your car up and ordered it to Sacramento on Monday". Really lovely of them to let me know - it's not like I had been talking to them every day since the 13th. I call Wells Fargo, they tell me that they can't tell me where my car is until the payment has processed; but they will bring the car to "a closer location" - call them on Monday to find out where my car is.

I call on Monday (today, actually), and they tell me that now that the car is officially mine, they will have nothing to do with it anymore. Never mind that they transported my car across state lines, 150 miles away. Additionally, to pick up my car - it will be $600, plus the $75 to pick up my belongings from the first place they deposited my car at.

I will never bank with these moronic *** again. Not only was what they did completely wrong, I believe it's borderline illegal. If anyone has any legal advice to give - I would definitely appreciate it. Thanks for listening.


Ditto to all the complaints here - deliberately unclear methods of payments; don't allow "repeat" payments but for 6 months knowing most people won't renew and will trigger all that interest; call you about a late fee and let you resolve one but not tell you another is rolling over.....and my favorite - I put it in my husband's name being an old fashion Southern girl [ha] and they would refuse to speak to me! They called me twice Mother's Day morning insisting on speaking to my husband!

Do NOT EVER get ANYTHING financed through these scam artists! Yay Elizabeth Warren - go get 'em, girl!


I've been with wells fargo for over a decade and have never had any good experiences they just nickel and dime you. They wont help you with anything over the phone and if you go in they treat you like cancer.

I hope the banks in this country get the wake up call they need. I say anyone up for a modern day witch hunt cause they just made my hard earned money disappear.


I bought a foreclosure 2 years ago, and it was a great deal. I tried to remove the PMI since I now have 20% equity, but they said I needed 25%.

They made me pay for an appraisal through an appraisal company owned by WF, and it came in low. The appraiser who signed the appraisal wasn't even the same person who came to inspect my house, and she actually signed and indicated in the appraisal she had personally inspected my property.

I had enough, so I went and re-financed with another broker, who came in with a fair appraisal. Never again with WF.


I've had it with Wells Fargo. They are *** SUCKING BASTARDS.

They are deceptive in their practices (as per the courts), they are a multi-billion dollar corporation feeding on innocent people with their bureaucracy and red tape...with one thing in mind...how to maximize their almighty dollar at the complete expense of the customer.

Oh, and @Shut Up Losers, why don't you go **** yourself.


Hello to all that wish to defend Wells Fargo you might like to know that a Federal Judge just ruled againest them for Deceptive practices. Per the ruling they will have to repay millions of dollars that the ripped off from customers. (They are fighting it but any company Right or WRONG is going to do that.)


I love how you ppl say "Ihave perfect credit"


I bet your score is *** 487

Youre the same *** ppl that declare bankruptcy and then call the bank the next week and ask if you can get a loan....

Utterly *** clueless

How bout pay your *** bills, get out of your Moms basement and get a *** job


I wish I had this website avail when I originally started with WF. They are responsible for the near destruction of my financial life. The corporation as a whole has zero respect for its customers. I am so depressed to think of the thousands of dollars I have pd them in exorbitant rates and fees. I am flaberghasted at how they come up with some of their fees to access my own money.

After just one year with a credit union, my whole financial outlook has done a 180. They treat their members with respect and are fair.

I truly hope people's comments on here has helped someone avoid this evil, greedy company. I understand if you don't make payments that you will be fined and ultimately responsible...I don't think that is what most comments are about... its their bad banking practices.


I wish I could write what I truly feel about them, but we are still trying to get our mortgage closed on our home loan and I don't want to ?"@* it up as much as they have our lieves!!!!


Real Estate/Lending

Can my lender be held responsible for my purchase contract being cancelled due to the contigency for Final Loan Approval being past the deadline due to them sending the wrong documentation to HUD prolonging this for almost a month?

The lender said we were ready to close on my FHA APPROVED loan when I got back from my vacation on 8/10/10. (Escrow was opened on 6/1) We were trying to set up a date to sign closing docs. Then I hear that HUD withdrew my approval. My lender couldn't figure out why until 3 days later that they sent the wrong document with the incorrect owner occupancy which is the #1 requirment when applying for an FHA loan. A week passed and I contacted HUD to see what was going on and they confirmed no new documentation was sent. I contacted the local President of the lending company and she said she would follow up. It is now 9/2/10 and the lender is hoping to get an answer from HUD on 9/7/10.

I feel the lender is ruining my chances of purchasing my first home. There must be something they can held responsible for.