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You will have to ask Wells Fargo for their " agent of service;"

It might be on the scretary of state website.

Go to Nola publishing there is a book on how to sue in small claims court.

Get the paPERWORK, prepare it,





Make sure you document everything and try to get homeowners to support you with the same story as yours.

They havecommitted fraud, breech of contract by delaying yourcontract to accrue penalties and then turning you down.

NYC lawyer is doing a masslawsuit,, there maybe more to follow

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My husband & I have been the victims of Mortgage Fraud by Wells Fargo. This has been going on for years. It all started when we asked them to deter a late payment when our Nephew died. They told us we were eligible for a Loan Modification and told us not to make payments during the application phase. This misleading conduct went on up until we were served foreclosure papers. They then of course claimed no recollection of our conversations. We were forced to pay them a large lump sum of late payments + Fees that we had no way of paying. We had to file Bankruptcy ch 13 to avoid loosing our Home.

-If that wasnt enough , they offered us a Loan Modification again a year later into the Bankruptcy. "A special program they had for people in Bankruptcy" This time they told us we were approved but insisted our firt payment was not due for two months later. They told us this was to help us. We told them we were not comfortable "Not Paying" with what happened previously. They refused to take our paynments. Of course, they turned around and later told us we were in default of our mortgage payment. (never sent us the agreement in writing as they promised weekly!) So Once again they scammed us. We tried so hard to find an attorney to represent us , but unfortunately in this part of Virginia, we had NO luck. The final Loan mod they approved after we paid up to date, is only cheaper minimally per month and did not ever consider the current decrease in value of the home. (upside down)

We researched and found that Wells Fargo did not even own our Mortgage, they were a Servicer for the Loan, and the owner of the note was in a trust that was securitized with thousands of other loans lumped together as Sub-prime loans. Mortgage law says they dont even have the right to foreclose on our Home. Finding a lawyer to help us prove this has been impossible for us thus far.

-Currently Wells Fargo sold our Mortgage (or servicing rights!) to a company called BSI Servicing. They then supposively transfered the mortgage to two other Trusts since! Basically we believe our mortgage is not really owned by any legitamate means.

Any advise for finding Legal Recourse???? We believe we still need to sue Wells Fargo as they are the original Company that commited fraud by milseading and lying to us into default, foreclosure, and ultimately ongoing Bankruptcy which has ruined our credit not to mention the psychological tulle it has put on our marriage and family. Our House is our Home, we never "tried" to NOT PAY anyone. We were victims of deciept on a much higher level. We believe we have a solid case and we do have documentation. Currently this BSI Servicing Co has yet to mail s any official paperwork for loan info or monthly statements, just various notification papers.

They do not own our Mortgage either. We researched theyre company as well and they are known for "taking over" properties and businesses headed for FORECLOSURE, Sub-prime!

So our Bankruptcy wont last for ever, we realize we will have to take action, before they do. We are willing to fight, as we said this is our HOME, we have three children who would agree.

Please any information or guidance appreciated!!!!

Sincerely Jennifer C


J&J, If you are still wanting more information in your case you may want to contact both the State Attorney General in Virginia and file a complaint as well as the Public Trustee in your county to get info obout your foreclosure. I have been a victim myself for a very similar reason but took different actions to keep my home.

A close friend of mine had passed and I was taken off guard by the event, missing a payment. Wells pushed me into foreclosure and ran me around for a long time even when I attempted to make up the payment they passed the CASH back to me and said call our lawyers before the foreclosure was even official. Recently I found a non profit law firm that is accepting cases on them, I hope. The number I called was 800-529-0678.

I have tried to contact 6-8 lawyers here in CO and none even bothered to call me back.

Keep trying and if you need to contact me for your case I would be happy to help take this Monster down. (chizmann@msn.com)