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today wells fargo charged me 35.00 fee on a 2.52 overdraft , i deposited 65.00 cash before the overdraft even showed up , spoke to the bank manager , the 1-800 customer service rep then her manager , no one would remove the fee , the term " not a bank error " kept being said ( not impressed ) . i intend to get a new bank , leave one penny in my wells fargo account , and make them send me monthly statements for life , which should cost them more than $35 .

i hate corporate stupidity .

this bank did a poor transition during the wachovia takeover and i haven't heard anything good about them . feel free to steal my idea if you hate your bank !!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Account.

Monetary Loss: $35.

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They don't switch dates, it's just that most people don't understand the way bank hours work and how transactions post(all banks). If you make a deposit after 3pm, it is considered the next business day so if you're account was overdrawn as of 3pm, you will be assessed an overdraft fee.

Also, not a fan of this, but banks will process the largest transaction first, so if you have enough in your account in theory to cover 4 different $5 transactions but you also have a $5000 transaction all on the same day, the $5000 will go through first, and you will overdraw the account on 4 seperate $1 transactions. Read up before blaming the banks, believe me, I'm as pissed at the next guy/gal when I get a fee, but it's usually my own fault for not taking the time to understand what I agreed to when I set up an account/service


You are right, I just had them remove 3 off of mine because they have a habit of switching dates to make things appear to be in overdraft. I will be switching banks because this bank is all about sqeezing money out of everybody.


You are so right! I *** HATE wells fagas*!