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Just by pure accident I end up in a site revealing the procedures and practices that Wells Fargo is using in the Loan Modification Process,and for my surprise I felt like it was a carbon copy of what was happening to my process,same exact complaints of hundreds of people like me that believed in the government plans to avoid loosing your house, what a shame that the plans are in the hands of unscrupulous people like Well Fargo.

All the representatives you have to talk to ,all the phone calls and faxes are just a BIG scam and a SAD joke to keep you in the lope for their game.

I really do not blame the employees since they are trained to do exactly what they are told and one of those practices is creating so much confusion and frustration that eventually you will give up and let them take your home.

What is the hidden agenda with Well Fargo? Can someone go the the highest level possible to investigate and open the Pandora box? I can guarantee that there is more than one big shot involved in this mess and I am also sure that all that government money is going to the wrong pocket and whatever we are doing at our level as simple people with no influence any further than the ability to write a complaint like this, will never see the problem solved.

I wish someone with enough time and resources could take one case and dig deep enough to reveal the atrocities of what Wells Fargo is doing with people like us.

I started my painful process back in January 2009 with America's Servicing Company who works for Wells Fargo and went true months of frustrating efforts trying to get helped in order to do the wright thing and fulfill my obligation and commitment to pay for my loan and the only results I got were poor service ,inconsistent answers,never ever able to have a supervisor on the phone ,repeating your situation hundreds of times to every single representative answering the phone and each of them will tel you a completely different story of the status of your case, faxing and re-faxing paperwork endless times, receiving letters that make no sense at all with offers to pay a higher amount than your original payment, I could go for hours itemizing all the irregularities that I experienced but I think more than one person already did that in this site so there is no point repeating the same scenarios over and over again.

I am a firm believer that KARMA exists and I hope I will live long enough to see the people responsible for this mess suffer all the extent of the pain and damage they create with their procedures.

Please, if there anyone with the power to change this rip off with Wells Fargo rest assure that thousands of people will be eternally grateful and nothing but rewards will come your way.

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We could take your story and just put our name on it,as it would certainly discribe what WELLS FARGO is doing to us. The sad part is we put everything we had in our home for 11 yrs.OUR RECORDS WILL SHOW WE NEVER MISSED A PAYMENT UNTIL,WELLS FARGO said we had to be behind in order to continue with the modificatiooooon program!Then they sent us a letter months later saying we needed $10,000 in order to save or home and pay missed payments+ LATE CHARGES!!!When I told them this the *** asked if i had any proof of them telling me to do this!

We are in our mid to end 60's,I am disabled,helping to raise our 11 yr. old grandson due to our son having a brain tumor disability. It was attemped to be removed and left him with disabilities AND MEMORY LOSS SO HE TOO IS UNABLE TO WORK. Our home is being sold at auction on SEPT.22,2010.4 days before my 63rd birthday!

what a present that is!

Due to health problems,we can not fight any more. They win!Ijust hope and pray they will someday know the PAIN,STRESS AND HEARTACHE THEY have caused all of us!


We need to get all of us involved. We need to fight!

I am going to fight this to the end! Don't roll over and give up!

There are millions of us going through the same thing! If we all stand up and say we will not take it, they will have to take notice!


Wells Fargo has become worse after the acquisition by Wachovia! Not to say it was great before..just that bad turned to worse!


Wells Fargo is notoriously difficult to deal with. It takes months and months to get anything settled, plus, as mentioned, endless faxes and proofs of this and that.

How many times our case was turned over to someone else and we had to start the same faxing and proving all over again, I couldn't even say. Now the "forebearance" we finally arranged is good only for one year, after which, our payments will go sky-high again. None of the money goes to principal -- all to interest. Hence, our balance doesn't budge for the whole year.

I have no idea if they will work with us for some other program after the year is us -- we are retired and cannot make the payments they will want. But yes, they are difficult.

There's nothing fast about any program they offer unless you're buying a new mortgage with great credit to back it up, and then they bend over backwards. I guess it is human nature.