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I Would like to file a complaint against Wells Fargo. My Husband Owns a home and it is going to foreclosure.

We tried renting his house out after we got married (Mistake)did that for 2 years and the last person moved out in Feb. we tried to pay the mortgage on his house and mine and could not. Ask the bank for help and could not because we do not live in the house. We have had the house on the market since Nov.

no luck and we are trying to short sale no luck. We are left with Deed and lieu. We Started the deed and lieu in June. We fell behind on the Mortgage.

The bank is jerking us around had us going through a short sale process and we wanted a deed and lieu. They had us down for a modification and we were still doing the deed and lieu. We sent them papers on the deed and lieu in June they failed to tell us that we had to cancel the modification and then we could go through the deed and lieu process but we did not know that. I called to check on the process they said it is in modification mode I said no I sent in papers on deed and lieu they said the modification had to be canceled before they could look at my papers (how was I suppose to know this).

This is now the end of June I called back to check on the process they said I was missing some papers. I had to fax 2 more papers I did that. I call a week later to check on the process they said my other papers from before has expired so it is now July 6, and the process has not yet went though. I had to send all my papers again.

so I did. I called a week later to check on the process they said it's in short sale mode I told them it's supposed to be deed and lieu. They emailed to have it changed they said check back in a week. A week later they called and said one of my paper on the house for the sale has expired so I had to once again send them another paper this is now Aug.


Nothing has been done with the deed and lieu yet. It is going for Foreclosure

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Not just accidentally shredding documents, but conveniently losing them 10 times having us fax same docs over & over 10x, only to be told after going through this since July of 2011, that we receive a letter "Notice of Intent to Foreclose" & now it is July of 2012, Foreclosure is active, but no sale date. All this due to their "Unemployment Forebearance Plan", Whatever you do DON'T ACCEPT THIS PLAN!!!

This is where they "*** to the wall"! We have been fighting the since. They claim our payments are past due from March 2011, when he was in the so-called "Plan" to "help you get back on your feet sir".

That's the biggest crock of BS! Truct me DON'T BUY IT"!


has anyone had trouble with wells fargo making claims of accidently schredding important documents