Littleton, Colorado

problem date: 04/14/11

Customer Service Supervisor Justin Mayes and female csr who would not give me her name. I found the customer service I received to be extremely unprofessional and atrocious.

I filed a claim because there are fraudulent charges on one of my accounts, when I spoke to the female csr she was aloof and soon became combative when I asked for further explanation of the claims process. She put me on hold for at least 5 minutes and when she came back I asked to speak with a supervisor she gave me my claim number so quickly that I could not confirm if I recorded it correctly, as well as disregarded the instructions I had requested for the claims department to call me on my cell phone so I could hook up my fax and receive the proper paperwork to file my claim. She then proceeded to put me on an immediate hold for approximately 5 seconds and then proceeded to hang up on me. When I called back I reached a csr named Alex who was very nice and apologized on behalf of the female csr and said that he does not hang up on his customers.

after I confirmed my claim number with him I requested, again, to be transferred to a supervisor. The supervisor I spoke to was completely apathetic and after I told him what happened his reaction to the situation was that of indifference. I told him I am considering moving my business to another bank, as well as pointed out that I have been a loyal customer since 1997. His response was "Is this your first bad experience you have with Wells Fargo's customer service?" to which I responded that this was not my first bad customer service experience I had received from Wells Fargo.

Supervisor Justin Mayes said "Well if you would like to switch banks that is your choice" I asked him if Wells Fargo was even interested in keeping my business and he, again, told me it was up to me but there is nothing more he can do for me. I am so upset by this horrible customer service experience and absolutely appalled that a business would blatantly disregard a long-time customer, such as myself, if this is the type of customer service and behavior of their csr's and supervisors that they deem acceptable then I will choose to move my business and recommend that my family and friends move their business elsewhere.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Account.

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Customer service is horrible at Wells Fargo. Tried to contact the branch manager in Falls Church, Va for about 3 success!!!!


Wells Fargo in my opinion is guilty of practicing unfair business practices and I propose a class action lawsuit against them. I know of good class action law firm in by the name of Initiative Legal Group in California. Give them a call and tell your story to an attorney, If enough people speak up, Wells Fargo Bank will become a distant memory in the history of reputable banks.


What would you expect them to do for you? It's a bank!

They have no real product to give you a discount so that takes out what most retail based companies would do with an upset customer.

Where you expecting free money? All the supervisor can say is that it is your choice, granted he should have been way more apologetic about the first *** you dealt with.