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I called customer service at approx 5:00 pm on 11/8/2011 and spoke to a "steve" as he refused to give me his last name I cannot provide it here. I explained that my account had been charged doubly for my monthly car payment as well as a couple of other credit card payments.

I asked how this occured. He explaine that it was my fault in some detail. I explained what had occured when I was asked to go in and verify my bill pay set up when the switchover occured from Wachovia to Wells Fargo. I explained that the dates were detailed on the page showing when a guarantor would receive payment based on my send date.

I adjusted the dates to take into that account so I wouldn't be late on my payments. Therefore I ended up double paying on my bills. I asked him why he hadn't explained this step when he "told" me what I had actually done. He told me "rather impertantly" that it was a manual modification that I chose to do.

I explained that based on what I was seeing on the screen and the dates being displayed that I didn't think I had a choice. He was rude and condescending in his tone and his manner. I explained that I would like his name and I wanted to close out my accounts if I couldn't count on WF not to double charge me. He refused to give me his name at all and told me the call was being recorded.

I said "good - then you should understand good customer service and that is when a customer ask you something such as your name or to speak to your supervisor that you should comply". He continued to run around in circles telling me that he would explain and answer my question ... I said ok .. what is your name ...

this went on for some time and to no avail. He finally buckled and told me his name was Steve ... again I asked for his last name and/or his supervisor. He continued to circle around the question and was extremely rude.

He finally told me he would get a supervisor ... that took quite a bit of time. A gentlemen came on and in a very deep tone said ... something to the effect of ...

"yes ... can I help you". I began to explain about the bill pay miss understanding and got only a couple of sentences in and I was cut off. The loud beeping in my ear was the signal that your organization has some very poor customer service.

So this "Steve" was incredibly rude ... I truly believe that the supervisor "whom did not give a name" was a fake.

I will be taking my business elsewhere as soon as I can. I am very disappointed in your organization and most importantly in your shoddy customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Account.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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hmm... they should be able to put a stop pay on their checks since they send certified checks out of the wells fargo bill pay account, then reimburse you in your account for the amount of the difference yes you did accidentally send twice but it's an automated system mistakes can happen and they should be able to help you understand the service and get your money back, my district manager just held a meeting about bill pay service and was proud to claim the checks can be re-issued and arrive in 3 days. So someone claiming 10 business days to look into might just be a new person who didn't know what they were talking about.

I'm not proud of the phone bank customer service it's inconsistent go to a branch and find someone who knows what they're doing.


I too had a bad experience with Wells The Fargo (WTF)bank.I initiated a bill pay and I never got the check even after 10 days.I called customer service and the girl on the other end was a huge disappointment.She told me that they will need another 10 days to look into why the check did not reach me.Are you kidding me?I asked what I am supposed to do till then.Be without money?She said she could not help any further.Then I reminded her that bill pay service guarantees that my money will reach wherever in 5 business days.What about that?I will claim an insurance.Then the girl snapped and filed a claim immediately and said they will inquire and let me know in 3 to 5 business days at the most.She gave the case number too.There is something terribly wrong with customer service.When you threaten them or show that you know how the system works,then only they will help.Otherwise they do not really care about the average customer.


I too had bad explainations towards my account and a very rude fella on the other emotion what so ever, dry as ceath valley humor.....I have changed to a credit union and said GOODBYE WELLS FARGO!!!!!!