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On 1/17/18 I got email that my account has -$157.00 at 5:45pm. In my whole life that is never happened.

Logged on to my App to find OUT that WELLS FARGO PAID MY BILLS TWICE! Tried calling there 1800 # and waited for 30 minutes to chat with someone ! Ones a Banker came on. She told me that I will be transferred to the wright area.

Then I waited for over one hour and NO ANWSER! Also emailed in NO RESPONCE. This MORNING I found out that there was a glitch and my money was back in my account. WELLS FARGO YOU WASTED MY PRECIOUS TIME THAT WILL NEVER GET BACK!

To this minute I still cant talk with any managers that represent there GIANT BANK! Horrible service and 0 communications. So why would I want to be part WELLS FARGO ? CAN ANYONE EXPLAIN FROM YOUR GIANT CORPORATION?

Thank you. Gene 6128212711 if anyone wants to talk ?

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Banking Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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