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We received a check from our insurance company who is affiliated with Well Fargo, this check was funds to pay for the repairs we had done on our home. We went into the branch (Humble, Tx.) after we received the check with all the correct endorsement from the mortgage company.

Now a month before when we received the first check for repairs on our home the teller at the bank explained to us that we had to cash the check in order for Well Fargo to deposit it into the construction company account. So this is what we did. Moving forward to our experience today(3-13-18). We went through the same processes, handed the teller the check to cash and deposit it into the construction company account.

This the teller tells us she can't cash the check she can only deposit it. So my husband and I explain to her what we were told the last time. She tells us she can't explain why they did it like that the first time but it shouldn't have been done. So we say, okay, just deposit it into the construction company account.

Then she tells us she need to call their legal department to see what would be the best thing to do. So my husband and I wait while this lady is on the phone sitting behind a Petition for more then thirty minutes. Not one time did she tell us peek her hand around to signify that is would be a little long. We just stood there waiting.

After she gets off of the phone she comes back to the window and tell us the the signature from the mortgage company is not an authentic one then she proceeds to show us what their stamp certificate looks like. So I asked her how do you know what the mortgage company certificate stamp look like and how can you say that theirs is not an authentic one. So my husband gave her (the teller) the mortgage company number so she could call to verify. Now this teller was so sure she was not going to do our transaction that she lied.

She pretended to call the mortgage company but not realizing that she needed our loan information in order to speak with an agent regarding our account, but that didn't stop her, she came back to the window and said the same thing that she said before we stood for almost an hour waiting on her the first time.

To make a long scenario short the mortgage company didn't issue the check the insurance company did who is affiliated with Well Fargo. So yes, someone need to retrain the employees at this branch because they have no idea of what they are doing.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Bank Teller.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Wells Fargo Cons: Customers service.

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