I deposited a 7000 check into Wells Fargo. They now have a 10 day hold on it although it was a transfer from another company and I verified they already had been issued the funds.

Now they are trying to say that my signature was irregular although the company that sent the funds said all is okay. I am sick of Wells Fargo they treat you without respect and I have been with this bank for over 25 years thru the various name changes. I am sick of them not treating me with respect. Last month they accidentally transferred all my money to savings instead of the amount I had specified.

Was that a mess. They treated me without respect then, I had to go to sort the mess out.

They offered me 50 for the mistake what a joke. My dog is having surgery tomorrow and I needed the funds to pay for it, thanks a lot Wells Fargo now my dog has to wait an extra week for the surgery, nasty people.

Store Location: Saint Petersburg, Florida

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