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Wells Fargo is jumping on the band wagon. My husband recently made a large pmt to his line of credit.

They immediately decreased his line of credit--"due to credit bureau based account management review." BS--with higher int rates and decreasing credit limits--the only thing lowering his score are the banks right now. According to WF--they don't have to give you notice--that comes in the mail after the fact. So be careful if you are doing the whole bal transfer deal--trying to get it all on one card w/lower locked-in int rate. Or if you use a balance transfer check.

They might yank that credit in the middle of all of it.

Also, according to the bank--they can do the same with your WF Business Line of Credit/MC. They can decrease it anytime--without prior notice--right in the middle of a transaction with one of your vendors.

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I bought furniture at roomstore for $3000.00 which was charged to wells fargo roomstore account and a GE account with 0% for the life of the 1500.00 on each card. I have made payments to each card every month on time.

My GE card now has 50.00 remaining and my Wells fargo account had 951.00 remaining. (???)

I called WElls Fargo and was informed oh,a couple of months ago, three of my payments were retuned NSF. Turns out that when I changed bank accounts and imformed Wells on the new checking account #, they had never switched over my new account information. Instead of telling me about the NSF charges that they were STILL trying to get from my old account, they were also accepting the automatic payments from my new checking account.

So it turned out that my monthly payments were only paying for the NSF fees. Once I figured out what they were doing for FOUR MONTHS, I asked the call center supervisor why I was not notiifed. He advised me it was my responsibiility to make sure my information was correct not Wells Fargo. I told him to go FU himself and paid the whole account in full right there on the spot.

I was assured I would never have to deal with them again. That was in Jan 09. Today, April 20th, I get a letter in the bank from Wells Fargo stating that I owed them 90.00 for unpaid NSF fees back in Jan of 09.

Again they are doing the same thing!!!! NEVER OPEN A WELLS FARGO ROOMSTORE ACCOUNT!


They did the same thing to me, and managed to generate themselves additional $1000 in various fees that they are holding me responsible for now (on a business card with $6500 balance).

No wonder they are turning record profits, while my Engineering business is going under (because of bank's liberal lending, and housing market in the toilet).

They messed up the market, and now they're squeezing the last penny out of displaced service providers in the market they ruined.

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