Received a letter in November that our home loan and drop in housing value qualified us for a re-fi with the HARP program.I applied on November 24th and they are still asking us to fax one document after the other.

We have two pensions and Social Security--that is all, no foreclosures or bankruptcies, no defaults. I have faxed the same 12 or 14 pages of income statements to two different 'document specialists'. They have gone 3 years back for documents and then asked for the name and phone number of our CPA to 'prove that we really had received these pensions for the last 3 years'--it has been 12 years btw. Two days before Christmas they wanted ALL the monthly pension statements for the past 3 years even though they already had 2012's and the 1099's from the past 3 years.

That was to be 72 pages of pension statements (2 pensions, 36 mos). Nope--I told them I would do it if they could tell me what flunkie was going to read each and every one of the 72 statements before Christmas day and check for errors or lying or whatever. They dropped that request. No communication or reply to our questions for days or a week at a time.

We still have no idea if the re-fi is on or not.

Fannie and Freddie are MAD that they got with their fingers in the cookie jar and are making sure the homeowners will pay for it--even after we bailed them out so the CEO's and CFO's could get their millions of dollars of bonuses.If you want to apply for this farce make sure you have a fax machine at your disposal or you will need to float just to pay the fax fees.

Review about: Wells Fargo Refinance.

Monetary Loss: $50000.

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