Columbus, Georgia
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My home was damaged by a Hail storm on 3-18-13. I received my insurance check went to my local wells Fargo bank for a whole week.

There NO ONE was any help at all. Finally at the end of the week the branch manage said here is a number and some forms ... No need to come by or call we cant do anything for u..That is when i was led to the loss prevention property team. WOW is all i can say..

I need u to fax this mail that fax more mail more.. Meanwhile my home was still being damaged by more rain and storms.There words were and i apologized for that.. Now i have had to have work done to prevent more damage due to there neglects. I am out of pocket 6 thousand so far...

I had to pay for faxing things to them.. Because the local branch fax machine and copier is tore up... How many banks have 1 fax machine... YOU ARE A BANK...

not a lawn company.. I cant and will not come out of pocket one more penny for anything that is needed for repairs....For this to be a well known company Ur costumer support is in your local office and in your SC.

location is the worst i have ever encountered and would never recommend your service to ANYONE..So ask me again why i am pissed.When all this over with i will be re financing my home with a different lender. And will never step foot in your businesses again.

Monetary Loss: $15800.

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