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You are right they gave me a forbearance with two months of not paying and i asked them are u sure i don't have to pay and was told absolutely.After the two months i was denied loan modification and told i would have to pay the two months plus additional late fees and other fees or face foreclosure.

I have been through 3 more loan modifications and another forebearance with the last payment due on 9/28/10 and i payed slightly more and now they tell me i am approved with no payment until december 1st and when i tried to contact them i am now being told i need to make a october 1st payment and make payments on the 1st until my new payment in december 1st which doesn't make since i tried to reach out to the lady who is handling my modification and she hasn't even return my call and they want me to submit everything in ten days. I wanna sue them so badly for bad business.

I wouldn't even owe if they didn't tell me not to pay and now they are using it against me.I was seeking a modification because my hours were cut at work.

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Wells Fargo and I had a Forebearance Aggreement that I was following when Wells Fargo decided to breach by stating on my monthly mortgage statement that foreclosure preparation has begun.If I wish to retain my property the loan must be brought current immediatly Total of Forebearance Agreement.

Breaching the agreed upon Forebearance Agreement; then tryed to lure me into a deceitful Loan Modification by misleading, and requiring me to do so, and stating that they have investor approval, then making it look like I had requested the Modification. Trying to place the burden of a request on me. They say we must advise you your request for Modification has been denied for the following reasons: "We are unable to come to a mutual agreement." Whatever that is supposed to mean? Then foreclosed (10) days later, and sent me notice of sale (2) weeks after that.

I have tryed to retain an Attorney more than once!

Useless........ aren't any confident enough in themselves to battle with Wells Fargo. It's not a reason that I dont have a case, because I have saved every letter, Mortgage Statement, Bank Statement, even have a Customer Account Activity Report from wells fargo showing they received payments. I have paperwork situated in cronological order, along with the Arizona Revised Statues that were violated.

I have a solid case with nowhere to take it. It is almost pointless to seek an attorney, especially like the first one I had who calls me to meet...

So he lost that for me!! I have recently submitted a complaint with the Arizona Attorney Generals Office for Consumer Fraud directly or indirectly affecting State Commerce for consumers within the state of Arizona by deceitful and misleading practices used to obtain real property. So far Wells Fargo has replied back to the Consumer Complaints Manager with information intended to mislead the Attorney Generals Office, with information not consistant with the records I have saved. I only fear that the Attorney Generals Office will not pursue my case because they may lack a significant amount of complaints from consumers in Arizona related to my complaint.

So perhaps, if you file your complaint with your States Attorney Generals Office, and if the other people that have complained here, file their complaint with their Attorney Generals Office; those Attorney Generals can join together in a lawsuit Action against Wells Fargo since they now have the power to enforce State regulations with a National Bank{Cuomo v/s The Clearing House Assc. 557 U.S.____(2009)}.

Submit anyway, They will inquire with whom you have filed a complaint.At the least you will be able to add their reply as documentation for interpretation in your case

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