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Update by user Oct 25, 2013

So the total amount that was originally fraudulently deposited was $1900. They withdrew 900 from the ATM and then 100 from the bank counter.

The bank counter transaction was performed after I reported the fraud. The bank reimbursed the $100 without a claim but denied the $900 and charged me a 15 fee. I paid it but complained to everyone I could think of in writing.

The bank has since reimbursed my money in full!!!!! My advice to anyone in battle with Wells Fargo is don't give up the fight!!!

Update by user Sep 19, 2013

Ok are you ready for this they charged me $911.86 to clear up the account. However they did cover 100 of the fraud as they felt that they were 2 separate issues.

So if not for that I would have been charged 1011.86 because they also charged me a $15 fee for the reversal of the $800.

I have complained to several agencies and will update you on the responses that I receive.

I also sent a letter of complaint to the board of directors. I am going to keep fighting this thing until I have exhausted all avenues.

Original review posted by user Aug 15, 2013

My sons card was stolen and used over the weekend to deposit a $1900 check which cleared in the same day. They took money out $800 on the same day.

My son has a minor account and they stated that he is allowed to withdraw $800 when I can only withdraw a max of $300 a day. The person then came into the branch and withdrew money from the account using the card. They say that the $800 claim is denied but the over the counter withdrawal can still be investigated because they are not connected. I was told to get a police report and go after the person myself.

How pray tell do I do that without any information?? It's like telling the police to investigate my stolen purse!! I am sure they plan to deny the over the counter withdrawal as well.

i asked for the tape and they said it was bank property and I need a subpoena! WOW!

Monetary Loss: $800.

  • Fraud claim denied
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I went through something similar, a new card was ordered by a family member and my literal lifesavings over 45thousand was taken on a card that was ordered fraduently on my account. I pressed charges like I was told and the police asked for copies of my bank records and forged checks that were written, several of which were actually taken into the bank to be cashed, I live in a small town and everyone knows every one but when I wanted my bank records for court, even after a subpeona was served I had to pay 25 dollars an hour to get printouts of the checks and records.

Because the bank still took over 6 months to respond the case pled out and wells fargo refunded me 750 yes 750 of over 45000 dollars taken and the 550 that I paid for records that were supeonaed.

It has been two years and iam still fighting for my money. Good luck


I am so sorry to hear that it is disgusting that they could even get away with it.


I hope you keep fighting they just reimbursed all of my funds. My claim was just a drop in the bucket compared to yours.