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If anyone is familiar with Wells Fargo, you know that they're no stranger to fraud (and internal deception at that). There was fraud activity on my checking account for payments I made to Sprint - someone hacked the account and reversed the payments back to my checking account in an effort to extract the money from the checking account (the newest scam out there) - but the funds never made it back to my account, and I had to make my Sprint payments again to have my services turned back on (I only knew this was happening when my services were turned off).

When I called to file a claim regarding the fraud, Wells Fargo online stated that they sent the money back to Sprint, and Sprint stated that they never received the money back from Wells Fargo. So, no one knows where my money is ($550)... Because Wells is the worst bank in the world, I'm inclined to believe Sprint. While I'm on the phone filing the fraud claim, Wells retaliated by taking money out of my account without telling me what it was for...after a week of calling and raising *** I was told they took the money out of my account for supposed old balances from closed accounts that I was never informed of...

Mind you, at the time I reopened my account, they never said a word about past due balances on closed accounts (they don't allow you to open accounts with outstanding balances). Hmmm!! What timing they have!! I raised *** again, and they gave my money back - but the fact that they thought they could get away with that is INSANE!!!

It has been 30 days - no refund from Wells. They actually tried to close the fraud case because of an error they made assigning the fraud case the same number as another case - just stupid!!!! As far as the refund due to my fraud case, they keep stating that they're working on it. I've hired legal counsel to sue for my money and more!!!!!!!!!

As one can imagine, that caused quite a few financial inconveniences. I left $10 in the account just to keep it open for my money to be returned. Please, don't bank with them!!! We need to protest them - this is just one example of many.

The only reason people bank with them is because they're conveniently located. Their systems are antiquated to where they don't show your true balances when using your debit card, etc...the list goes on and on!! The CIO is stressed and doesn't know what to do (I actually met him at a technology conference)...the guy was stressed, due to taking a lot of heat!! I have back up for all of the above.

Because this is now a legal matter, I won't post backup at this time but will in the future. Signed, Carla S.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Checking Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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