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Last month I went to the WellsFargo branch here in DC that I usually bank at.

This happens to be the SAME branch at which one of my Social Security disability checks was CASHED BY FORGERY a couple years ago. I am STILL trying to get THAT incident solved.

THIS time the case of FRAUD was far simpler, BUT involved someone who was a banking agent there at the time of the first incident and who has since been promoted to supervisor. Kyra did the transaction and when she asked me if I need anything else I told her I needed a money order to pay my rent with but I would get it at the post office as usual because it was cheaper. She then said she would "waive" the fee for me. I accepted, and implicitly trusting her, I didn't bother looking at the transaction receipt.

However, last week when reviewing my receipts as I do at the end of every month to correlate them with my transaction history, I discovered she had NOT waived it and the five dollar WAS RECORDED on it as PAID!! This was NOT ONLY a case of VERY POOR "customer service" but of FRAUD as well!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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Why do you not fire this monster mega bank and use a credit union?

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