Azusa, California
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I see SLS reputation gets worse every year. They are simply a a third party company for the larger banks. Don't be fooled by their SERVICING COPMANY. They had the ability to foreclose on you with lies and promises to help during these diffcult times. The OCC ,I beleive banned them from ever foreclosing in the state of CA due to their ernonious lies and foreclosures. Make sure you check who holds the " deed" to your home before giving into their racial minority discrimination. WELLS FARGO BANK in THE biggest on tem all. They hire these SERVICING companies to take your money with 100% cooperation with on time payments. Once you seek HELP, consider your home taken away, unless you are caucasion.

Sorry, I am a viction of these blood sucking so called SERVICING COMPANIIES!!!


Rene and Christina Garcia ( Minority)

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Excuse the spelling, my computer keys stick.

Christina Garcia - Victims of SLS