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When I opened a business checking account with Wells Fargo I believed I made the right decision at that time. However, I was charged fees when I deposited cash to my own checking account.

My employees were being charged $7.50 fee each time they cashed their Wells Fargo payroll checks. My ACH credits / debits were all getting hit with fees. Even so a check deposited or drawn resulted with transaction fees. They were also charging $3.00 for each time I looked a past transaction on the web site.

I did not know each click was costing me $3.00.They called it the internet banking fee. Needless to say I was getting charged $160.00 to 205.00 a month for banking with Wells Fargo.I was depositing Wells Fargo Checks written by my customers to my Wells Fargo account. They were holding their own bank's check and not making a check written by a wells fargo account holder available to my account until the next business days. One day I deposited two large cashier's / bank checks to my account.

Both of these checks were issued by Wells Fargo. Figure out they even put a hold on these two cashiers checks and not made it available until the next day. I even had ten times of the amount of these two checks in my bank account to cover. But the teller says.

It's a company policy.Well figure that out. If I wanted to cash these to cashier checks I was able to. However not available when I deposit to my account ??? That was the last day I banked with Wells Fargo.When I asked for a cashier's check for the balance of my money in my account they also charged me $10.00 for the cashier's check they issued.

Good Bye Wells Fargo.

You will never charge me another dollar for banking with you.. My employees are also happy for no longer paying your branches $7.50 for each Wells Fargo check they wanted to cash out.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Checking Account.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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The reason your employees are getting charged 7.50 because they arent WF customers. They should take their check to cash it with who ever they bank with.