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PLEASE NEVER BANK WITH WELLS FARGO. If you're a current customer, close your accounts.

Go to a better finanical institution like ING Direct,, or your local credit union. Wells Fargo is only interested in sucking every last dollar it can from it's customers. Walk into any branch and you'll see that if a sale will not result from your interaction, a banker will lose interest in you faster than you can say yes to free bail out money. I had $10 debited from my savings as a result of a bank error.

When I presented the problem to 4 bankers and a 1 manager over the course of 3 weeks. No one took the time to look into the problem. If they had, they would have seen that it was a bank error. A banker had not closed a 2nd checking account like he said he would, a $10 service fee was assessed and my savings account was debited via "right to offset".

The answer I got was, "we can't reverse an off set." I only had $1300 in total balances, so they won't shrug at the notion of losing a customer like me. But it is my mission to talk at length about my experience with my extended network of friends, family, coworkers about Wells Fargo. What will I say?.....

*** Wells Fargo!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Manager.

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If you think Wells Fargo even pretends to care, you are sadly mistaken. The only way they will ever pay attention is when EVERYONE withdraws their money or stops paying them anything at all.

Remember CASH is KING. Its sad to hear about so many customers being mistreated by Wells Fargo.

The only thing we can do is fight back by not banking with such an incompetent company. The more people the better.


You I have felt the same way about Wells Fargo and many consumers have been mistreated. Going forward I am going to work harder to resolve some of those mortgage loan modification issues.