Asheville, North Carolina

So this is a copy of the letter I sent to the branch manager today: Every Friday I deposit my check in the ATM outside the branch at 912 Tunnel Road. Last Friday I got to the ATM and it "wasn't accepting deposits"...

Now, do you think it's wise to have a broken ATM on a Friday afternoon? The way this bank is set up you have to pull back out of the parking lot and back in so I did and went through the drive through, already inconvenienced. The teller then tells me that the deposit will not go through until Monday at midnight unless I want to get out of my car and go to the walk up ATM, at which point I said no, it's freezing and theres a line. Don't you think it would've been possible for her to put my transaction through seeing as how this is at least the 3rd or 4th time that your ATM has not accepted deposits on a Friday?

Furthermore this is the same young lady that "eye rolled" me when I came into the branch once and said she was doing a "favor" by depositing my check inside the branch. Young lady's name was ****** I think, and I'm officially done with Wells Fargo. I will be moving my bank accounts (as well as all of my fathers banking) to another bank. I have had the worst possible service from this branch and after so many attempts to stay I'm finally finished.

I know I'm not the most wealthy or the most important and I feel that everytime I walk through the doors.... I take that back - I'm not allowed to deposit inside the branch, I'm only allowed the customer service of the ATM.

Customer service has never been the same since it switched from Wachovia. It's a shame.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Banking Service.

Monetary Loss: $25000.

  • Fractional-reserve banking
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I know that they will not always tell you this and/ or it may not always work (even at other banks), but ask them to cash your check first and then deposit it. If its a WF check and your acct is in good standings it should be no problem.

If not drawn off WF, there is more of a risk, but being a paycheck should still be ok. if they will not let you do the whole check see if you can get cash back for less then the total... then deposit. Cash is always in right away even on fri.

or weekends. I know its a pain but hope this helps


I'm sorry to hear about your customer service problems, that's certainly a reason to switch banks. I will, however, mention that I highly doubt Wells Fargo wanted their ATM to be broken on a Friday afternoon.

Electronics break, nobody has any control over that, it's unfortunate but it happens.

Eventually something to inconvenience you will happen at another bank, hopefully they will provide better customer service, but the deposit not clearing until Monday happens at every single bank in the USA, that's not a Wells Fargo thing. As a matter of fact, Wells Fargo doesn't cut over to the next banking day until 4pm, as opposed to most other banks at 2pm.