Doylestown, Pennsylvania

I was just at Wells Fargo Bank in McCalla, Al. I went thru drive thru to get a check cashed someone had given me.

The lady asked if I had a banking acct with them, and I replied no. She said then I would have to come inside. I did so. I walked up and the girl said I needed another picture ID besides just my DL.

 I went to my car and got another form of ID to add to the DL. There were about 5-6 tellers in there all laughing and stating to one another that there's a sign at the drive thru that says banking customers only !! They said people should read the sign ! I was just standing there trying to hand the teller my second ID but she was too busy to take it because she was turned around laughing with the others.

 Then they were talking about another

customer that didn't have two photo ID to show. They were basically laughing in my face, referencing the earlier customers, but I had tried going thru drive thru and had to go back out to my car also for a second photo ID. I was so humiliated that they were saying these things to my face ! And what is even worse is, it wasn't just one employee.

It was all of them ! Then, to be speaking negative of other customers in front of me, would have been enough in itself, to make me uncomfortable, and never want to return there again.  I've never experienced anything from a business and it's employees, like what I went thru today. I went to one of the closed office doors before leaving bank, and a lady motioned me to come in.

I asked for a manager and she referred me to the supervisor, whom was in on it to ! She asked me to sit down, in the lobby, and I told her no, and told her they were disrespecting their customers. At that point I left because I was so upset. I'm so stunned at what took place in Wells Fargo today.

I will never go in another Wells Fargo Bank again. I've heard bad things about the bank before, but, I experienced for my own self today.

I am mortified.  

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Manager.

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lmao I honestly would have laughed at you too. At least they didn't do it behind your back.

Usually people hate being talked about behind their back, at least they had the balls to do it in front of you. And I agree people should READ more.

That's a skill lacking in today's society. I work in retail so I feel their pain when people don't read.


:sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh So sad poor baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!