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I have worked with Wells Fargo for 4 and a half years and I have not a bad manager until I met Elizabeth "Ellie" Alaniz. She has the worst management skills.

She sits by the tellers side all day and sends threatening emails to her team members, hides from the customers, keeps us over time all the time, doesn't meet the branches goals.

I do not know how they even gave her a branch manager position but after seeing Ellie with this position it is said to say Wells Fargo will give anyone a branch manager position. Hope she gets what she has coming to her.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Manager.

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I've worked with Ellie and absolutely agree with "reality"! She has been the only manager that actually cares about her team and customers.

She has developed over 10 managers and will always sacrifice herself before her team! TeamWork and development are the best words to describe her leadership style. She leads by example and supports her team to succeed and takes pride in promoting her team members. Dollie22 you WERE one of those team members that couldn't cut the job and am sure is why you are bashing Ellie.

She makes it clear to the team that its a 2 way street and if her employees deliver she will make sure she takes them to the top and if you are lazy and full of excuses she will hold you accountable to help her team. She is so fair that will not allow the team suffer and pick up the slack of the lazy employees!

So Dollie22 start accepting your reality and face the fact that you were just not good enough and putting the blame on your manager. People like you is who I feel sorry for, a WEAK soul blaming the world for THEIR poor work ethic, low self esteem, and negative attitude.


Usually when team members are hating against their managers it's because they are horrible employees and don't cut it for the job. They have nothing else to do but blame their boss for their lack of work ethic.

You get paid to do a job and every where you go there are expectations you have to meet. If you can't meet them then just simply admit that you are not cut for the job and stop blaming your manager for holding team members accountable.


:sigh Oh, do I know what you are going through....they don't "manage", they bully, and threaten their employees everyday, so that goals are met.....it's all about sales only, banking skills mean NOTHING to this company....take care, good luck!