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Update by user May 23, 2013

And it continues. I have my balance low because I am getting ready to close the account since I have paid off the auto loan.

so with them taking out my car payment this morning I show a negative of $9.50 so I drive to the bank ( 30 miles away ) and put in another 20 bucks, get home see I am now overdrawn 24.00 because they have charged me an over draft fee.

I just cant win

Update by user May 21, 2013

And so Wells Fargo's ineptness continues. I am continually amazed and the lack of intelligence found in every department.

I got fed up and paid off my loan on line. And getting ready to close out the account I left just a couple buck in it until the dust settled. Well this month they are taking out a car payment even though it is all ready paid off. I first went to the branch to try to get it straightened out.

As usual no luck. Went home and phone in to their 800 numbers after getting transferred to 5 different offices I had to give up. Oh a side note its a good thing I asked about if they were sending me the title because they don't. They say I have to go to the DMV show them I paid it off and get the title from them.

( why do I have the feeling that wont work either.

) So as of this up date I have a car loan paid off that they are still taking payments on, no title. I just want to get this account closed and get the *** away from Wells Fargo completely

Original review posted by user Mar 23, 2013

I have a car loan at Wells Fargo and a checking account. My payment was due on the 21st but they started taking it out before that so I moved the due date to the 30th.

My Social Security Pension check goes in on the third wendesday of the month so that should be covered now. Nope ! Even though my Loan is from Wells Fargo to Wells Fargo they keep taking it out now on the 19th and paying it on the 20th and even on their records it shows its due on the 30th.

Talking to them on the phone is like talking to a brick wall.

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