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Wells Fargo, my mortgage company charged me twice for my September payment. They left my account with a little over $100.00.

Since I have other payments that are automatically deducted, they started coming in making my bank account overdrawn. After speaking to different representatives for a week, I come to find out this morning that they will be cutting a check instead of ACH bank into my bank account. I am extremely frustrated since I was told four days ago that it was already done and to give it a couple of days. Only to find out that a check will be sent to me instead delaying my access to my money even longer.

There has to be some legal reprimands to these multimillion dollar banking industries whenever something like this happens. They are banks after all and have access to refunding and wiring money instantly. Why don't they do that when clearly it is their fault that the customer is now in a bind. I am so upset at this incident that I have cancelled all my ACH transactions with other creditors as well.

We are going back to write checks since the banks cannot be trusted to rectify their mistakes timely! Had I not paid my mortgage by the due date, I would have received a call demanding my payment so, why can't I demand that my money is returned when I asked for it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Banking Service.

Monetary Loss: $1494.

  • Double ACH debit
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To answer your last question.....because the bank is always right.....and you are correct...their are no ramifications for their errors....