Myself and my roommate have been with Wells Fargo for many years and then we experienced a situation where a; old credit card judgement that I was unaware of surfaced. It was bought out by some company called midland credit, well they decided to take my money and my roommates money from our account.

I felt terrible and thought I had cleaned up everything from years ago after a health issue where 8 became behind. Wells Fargo allowed them to rake my money, even though they could have informed us,but their policy states they side with creditors and allow the seizing of accounts. Our account was seized on a Friday night at 7:30pm the day we both were paid and direct deposited. The timing seemed i pecan leaves, interestingly.

Then we asked that out overdraft continue to protect us fro. Items still out after they zeroed our account, but they never informed us that the overdraft money transferred would be seized too! We were left with NO money. We felt violated and exposed.

I felt I was not protected by my bank but tricked and given poor information and help. I no longer trust banks and now I am finding ways to stay away from banks. My work found out what wells fa4go did to me and did not help me as their customer and they are going to close their huge account. So maybe that will be important because they did not care what happened to us, as outpr money was not enough apparently.

I feel uninformed and exposed.

I pay my bills this was an oversight and I never received a summons, so I filed a notice to vacate the judgment and in the mean time my friend went to. Credit 7nion and myself, I am trying to deal with cash and survive after I was left with noth8ng. The laws must change and banks should not be allowed to conspire with the other creditors. Then they had the gall to up my credit card l8mit on my Wells Fargo.

Reddit card, as they said I was valued and made all my payments early and over the minimum.

That should have been noticed she; they received some random request to gatekeeper all our money. Wells Fargo did not try and protect us, inform us or educate us, they played us and ignored us!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Wells Fargo Cons: Not interested in help8ng customer, Only to make money.

Store Location: 9268 SE Maricamp Rd, Ocala, FL 34472

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