Atlanta, Georgia
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I am using Neighborhood Lift for downpayment assistance I decided to go with Wells Fargo. I put a contract on the house I wanted at the end of February.

I have yet to close on my house. Wells Fargo's loan officers are putting the blame on everyone, but themselves. They have nasty attitudes and will lie. They ask for you to resubmit paperwork you have sent in TWICE, even 3xs already.

I've done 4 contract extensions.

I will advise anyone to NEVER use Wells Fargo for a mortgage loan. I am still waiting and at risk of losing the house I've had under contract since FEBRUARY!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Mortgage.

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We were in the same situation until this week. We put a contrat on a home in March and had to push closing 5 times and now it isn't going to happen.

WF told us we were approved, sent us the approval letter. Made us pay for an appraisal, home inspection and structural inspection and we had paid several thousand dollars for the down payment. We were told by WF that all this had to be done in order to close. Here we are at the end of June (a full 3 months after going under contract) and they just told us we were being denied a home loan.

The loan officer told me that the underwriter had over looked something on our credit and a second overwriter caught the first ones mistake and now we are denied. his exact words were "I don't know what to say". Really? You made us pay for all this stuff, put us through months of aggrivation and now we are out several thousand dollars and you don't know what to say?

How about "I'm sorry" for starters and "We will see what we can do about the monies WE made you pay for nothing". I have never dealt with more of a bunch of idiots in my life and will never use WF for anything EVER!!!!!!!