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I have great credit and am a positive paying customer.Wells Fargo will ***.

They will change terms. They will put their own broken English in the terms so you don't understand and then when you don't follow some *** rule then they will increase your interest by 50%.

Thank goodness I can just pay this off in one swoop but I KNOW there are a lot of people out there that can not pay it off right away and need to be warned ahead of time.If you use a furniture store such as Plummers BEWARE because they use this company.

Monetary Loss: $548.

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I have been a customer for years and can tell you that Wells Fargo will *** ever chance they get.There a bank, so they want your money, any way they can get it.

The equipment finance division is one of the worst and if they aren't trying to charge you a $500 doc fee - don't pay by the way, or by screwing on the pre-payment terms and conditions.I can tell you there are much better sources for your equipment financing and you will be much better off in the long run.


!. Ten bucks says your Credit score is 480 and you have 3 items in collections,

2nd its a Credit card ignoramus, that means high interest rate if you dont pay it back or miss payments

Go effin research Credit before you spout your mouth off and look like a failure

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