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I have made telephonic payments every month for years using the same bank account. I made my September payment the same way on September 3, 2013.

On September 18th I returned a call to Wells Fargo and spoke with Paul. He said the check had been returned NSF. I told him this was impossible and read him the account balance from ATM withdrawals and deposits at the time Wells Fargo submitted the check to my bank for payment. Paul said the NSF charge would be waived and took information for payment over the phone.

On September 30th I went to my bank on another matter, and confirmed that no checks on my account been returned NSF. I called Wells Fargo and was transferred to several people, the last being Brian. He said Paul wrote down the wrong account number, but that I could not submit a substitute payment until the miscoded check was returned. Brian assured me the payment would not be reported to the credit bureaus as overdue since the problem was mistakes made by Wells Fargo.

Today I got a collection call. I ended up with a supervisor, Jose Galan, who assured me that any miscoding was my fault, that the payment may well be reported to the credit bureaus as overdue and that if I wanted to dispute it, I would need to send the dispute to a fax number which he gave me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Mortgage.

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google wells fargo sucks it is a very interesting site that will supply you with all the information you need. They even have EMPLOYEES identifying who they are and which call center they work for telling you what they do STEP BY step to the customers!!