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My Husband and I were Really Good Customers of the Local Wells Fargo in South Elgin, Ill, that is until he his company closed down! We kept up for quite a while on all 3 accounts we have at Wells Fargo, but last year,2010, had to decide to pay the taxes on the house or pay the mortgage late, we paid the taxes.

Well one thing led to another and now we are trying to do the Hamp program with Wells Fargo, what a Nightmare!!!

Bottom line Keep your money away from Wells Fargo! Do Not Do any Business with Wells Fargo at all!

Location: Cicero, Illinois

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I take it that banks now hire people like distilled, nerdlinger, and mark, to prowl around and be ***


All I can say is you signed the papers. Any, and I mean ANY finance company that didn't get paid would have done EXAXTLY the same thing.

That being said, there are a lot of other legit complaints about Wells Fargo Mortgage that would lead me to say I would not finance through them. Retail Banking and other divisions are ok, but the mortgage division, I would advise against.


The only ones to blame are YOU AND YOUR SPOUSE, PERIOD!!!

If you pay your debts when required, you will not lose your house.

People like you are known as deadbeats!!!!


Are you recommending that everyone stay away from finance companies that insist on being repaid?

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