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I am currently in Escrow with Wells Fargo, but two weeks ago, I was deciding between Wells Fargo and Bank of America. I spoke to the loan consultant, Kaiye Chen, over at the Noriega street branch and decided to choose Wells for what I thought was the better deal. But shortly after, the loan consultant from B of A called and said he could better what Wells was offering. Wells was offering interest of 3.875 with negative 0.25 pts. B of A countered with 3.875 and negative 0.6 pts. Both are 30 year jumbo loans. I forwarded the email from B of A to Kaiye who assured and promised that he would match it. Well, that was 9 days ago. I've called him almost everyday to get an update and asked to put in in writing. I saw him in person on Monday 6/17 to follow up, and he re-iterated that Wells should match it. Then he told me his manager Christopher York, wanted to see a good faith estimate from B of A. At this point, getting a GFE means from B of A means they would need a credit check and filing a loan application and then another appraisal. I could have applied at the time (when escrow began) with B of A and Wells, thus getting dual applications, but I didn't because Kaiye had promised he would match the offer. Now the manager is saying I need the GFE in order to match the offer, already 2 weeks into the loan process??????? Needless to say, I am very angry and not satisfied with the service and feel that Wells Fargo makes empty promises with lack of follow through. If I had gone with B of A initially, I would have had an additional $2450 discounted from my closing costs. I have spoken to and left messages with upper management, who both have brushed me aside. I will never, ever trust Wells Fargo again, nor will I ever recommend them.


Willis Pang

Monetary Loss: $2450.

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One of the 'BS' votes is in error. I've dealt with this same individual and he's terrible.


Equally unsatisfied here. Loan consultant is horribly unprofessional and left messages for supervisors that have not been returned.

They don't know what they're doing!

I figured go directly to the source since everything is evenutally sold to them, but next time I will use my local bank and if they sell it fine. At least an incompetent, unprofessional "loan officer" is not getting paid an unearned commission!