Never missed a mortgage payment, never late.Applied for Wells Fargo's Home Modification Program because of financial hardship.

Sent in all necessary documentation. Received a letter from Wells Fargo to set up withdrawal payments from my checking account for a three month trial program, and I was in the Program. It's that easy the letter stated. After the three months withdrawals, Wells Fargo said I was declined and had to pay them back mortgage payments in the amount of $8,000 in a matter of 17 days.

My credit rating was reduced and I received letters I would be in foreclosure proceedings if the money was not paid up.

They also charged me late fees - for what?- they automatically withdrew my payments on the 16th

of each trial period month.

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They pray on single parents and this is fraud.They only want the money then kick you out to do it again.

endlessfrauddetection.com can provide you with what you need to take these people to task and take back what was stolen from you. What they can provide is a complete forensic audit, see the paperwork is where the crimes will be found and it should be treated like a crime scene. From there the litigation paperwork will be created. First a letter asking for more information or a letter asking for all money paid in be returned and for them to divest them selves of the claim since the mortgage has now been found to be void from the beginning.

Then the complaint that will be filed in to court showing the court the violations of Federal, State and local city codes can be created.

See they do not want the court, let alone a jury of 12 homeowners seeing the fraud they committed, especially a single parent.Once you have gone over the website and seen just what remedy you have and how they have broken the law and now they owe YOU, contact steve@endlessfrauddetection.com to start taking back this country one home at a time as we can see that the gov is not going to help since it is owned by the banksters.


I don't know what state you are in but in my state you could contact legal services. If you qualify you would only have to pay court charges like filing fees

and such. Also check with USDA Rural Development they may be able to help you. Usually there is waiting list but if there is an emergency they can some times make exceptions. Payments are based on your income. I pray everything works out. I am praying for your family. Remeber every thing is possible with Christ!

in Jesus name,


Do you think the state attorney general's office might help you? If not, or if they will but move at a snails pace, pay an attorney a couple hundred dollars and have them writ to Wells Fargo. It is inexcusable that we bailed all of these banks out of the mess that they created and use none of the money to help the people...Instead they spend it on themselves...

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