Green Forest, Arkansas

I have tried for almost 3 months to get a couple of months of deferred payments since the economy has directly impacted my income. every time i submit an application on the phone the representative seems to screw up the REAL story of why i am needing some help.

It gets denied from wrong information and then you re-submit and it happens again. i think the employees there are not doing a good job of properly communicating and the approving supervisor is inadequetely informed making a final decision to disapprove. i have asked to speak with a supervisor to try and remedy the miscommunication and they won't take the call. I think this is very unprofessional and it shows that Wells Fargo is really not concerned about customer satisfaction.

you should at least be able to explain to a supervisor the situation so that you can make some progress on wrong information that was provided by an employee. This is very bad professionalism and makes me wonder if this same type of attitude is carried out with other services.

I will not do business with Wells Fargo nor do i recommend signing on the line with them. they will not be there for you when times get tough even if you are stellar customer for years.

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