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I've paid on my Wells Fargo mortgage for twenty years. Now I'm unemployed, and can no longer support the home where I raised my two kids. I wrote to W.F nearly two years ago asking them to accept the Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure on the property. They have since ignored, delayed, confounded, and otherwise put me off, apparently deliberately, in every effort to conclude this thing honestly and forthrightly.

The latest Well Fargo outrage is this. They finally did send me a letter saying the "Deed-in-Lieu" was approved provided I make sure the place is empty and clean -- sounded reasonable. So I spent much needed money to rent a truck and pay a couple of kids to help, and we drove the 150 miles* to the house to clean and empty it. We found WF had changed the locks!!

More correspondence for weeks and weeks, until the latest guy (They change my rep every couple of weeks!) said "Sure, I'll send you the keys so you can complete the deal." Great! Except, the next guy I spoke to said they would not send the keys. I spent a half hour on the phone with him as he said over and over, "Yes, clean and empty the house and you're done." But reminded that I'm locked out he said, "Oh, you can't have access to the house once we've changed the locks." (Me:) But I need access to the house to remove the last of old stuff, and clean it!" (He:) "Oh, we can't get let you back into the house once we've re-keyed the locks." This insane exchange, incredibly, went on and on.

WF is either (1) staffed by certifiable imbeciles, or (2) deliberately hindering the process ... or both.

With no job and no money, I'm going to have to find some pro-bono attorney to help me out here. The past 20 months have proved that Wells Fargo is of no help whatever. The past 20 years have produced no equity at all, nor do I claim any. I just want to conclude this mortgage in what I thought was the most responsible way my financial condition would permit.

* I'm living with family in another city for the time being.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Mortgage.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Grant the "Deed-in-Lieu".

Wells Fargo Cons: Processing my deed-in-lieu.

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