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Wells Fargo is deceptive regarding Loan Modification, I applied in Feb 09, I sent all of the information that they requested, paystubs, monthly expenses, hardship letter as they have requested. I call every week to continue getting supposedly the update on my account.

Every week I am told the same we are working on it just keep checking back with us. For the 3 months they were claiming to get an appraisal but when I spoke with the corporate office the appraisal had been completed a month ago and now that it is getting closer to time to actually do something on my account they removed my application totally and told me that I needed to reapply.

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know of this Bianca Bryant. She is a selfish and self-centered person.

She has no empathy and will do whatever it takes to get ahead in her career. I was informed by another colleague that she used unethical tactics to push people out of the loan modification system just to show good numbers on a jaded report. She spent more time on her Facebook than she did working.

I feel sorry for the folks who needed help and by sheer dumb luck they were assigned to her to assist. The really unfortunate thing is she was promoted showing clearly that upper management had no clue!


I know of this Bianca Bryant. She is a selfish and self-centered person.

She has no empathy and will do whatever it takes to get ahead in her career. I was informed by another colleague that she used unethical tactics to push people out of the loan modification system just to show good numbers on a jaded report. She spent more time on her Facebook than she did working. I feel sorry for the folks who needed help and by sheer dumb luck they were assigned to her to assist.

The really unfortunate thing is she was promoted showing clearly that upper management had no clue!


Im ready to pursue a loan modification with anyone happy with a loan mod or is this a total waste of time?


Any complaints against Wells Fargo Mortgage Company Contact Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and file a Complaint. As I read thru most of these complaints they did they same thing to my husband and I. There Number is: (855) 411-2372


Make your complaints with The US Treasury - Office of Comptroller of Currency. 800-613-6743


August 2010 I contacted Wells Fargo about my hardship. April 2011 Bianca

Bryant contacted me, stating she would be my direct contact person through

the modification. At that point I had never been late on my mortgage. Bianca

plainly stated, I needed to be delinquent on my mortgage to proceed with the

modification. There for, I didn’t pay May’s payment. June came around, I

told her I could make my payment, she stated to pay what I felt I could

afford to give them an idea of my new payment. I paid only 500.00, again I

paid 500.00 for July and 400 for August. September 2011, I told her I could

make my full payment, she said Quote “ don’t worry about it, we are

working with you “. Then the next day, my local bank called and told me I

was in the paper for foreclosure in Oct. 2011. I was a basket case! I called

Bianca, ask her what was going on? Again, I was told not to worry about it,

she was working with me , but Wells Fargo wouldn’t except any further

payments from me. Also the ones I did make were unapplied on my statements. I

ask her what I needed to pay to reinstate my loan. Bianca plainly stated if I

had that kind of money, I didn’t need to be speaking to her. Then she told

me my case was closed, Wells Fargo would be foreclosing on my home. Then,

Jason Williams called from Wells Fargo Home Preservation/ Collections

Department. I spoke with him for about a month, he felt I should do a short

sale. That was not an option to me, this is my home ! I was never late on my

mortgage until this happened. Then Ashlee Raines from Wells Fargo called me

from Executive Mortgage Specialist, office of the president. Ashlee Raines

suggested I speak with Stacy Vahey, Executive Mortgage Specialist Office of

Executive Complaints. Jan. 2012 Stacy tells me to pay 600.00 a month for a

trial period of three months. If I complied I would get a modification on my

loan. I complied, never missed a payment. April, 2012, Stacy told me they

were going to do the modification/forbearance of 765.55 which would include

escrow for my taxes and insurance for three more months. I complied with

every payment, never being late. My original payment before this started was

774.00, not much help.

Now, Sept. 2012 I am told all the monies I have paid in the last two years

went to Wells Fargo attorney fees, Wells Fargo will do the modification with

a second mortgage for the past due balance of 10,414.89 , escrow overdraft

for 1,428.90 ,recoverable Corporate Advance 6,166.90 ,unpaid late charges of

463.03, other unpaid charges of 125.82, total contractual and other fees and

charges of 137,82, amount due now on my loan 170,204.26.

This has been added to my original balance two years ago of 151,000. Now

instead of owing 151,000, I owe 170,204.26. Making it impossible to stay in

my home.

At this point I don’t know what is going to happen, it hasn’t been a

happy place to be in for the past two years. I am, and always have been

current with my property taxes and my home owners insurance, as well as any

obligations, I will do without to make sure I pay my bills. This incident

doesn’t reflect me as the person I am and it has been very upsetting.


Went thru a loan mod in aug 2011, in Feb 20012 was denied, said my lender wasn't Wells Fargo, I had a MBS loan( mortgage backed securities loan, they only service my loan, this means hey get 50.00 a month to service this loan, it is 6.25 interest only, can't refi because I'm under water, and now after 9 months I skipped a payment somewhere, this is insane, can anyone tell where to go? Thanked

@Dawna Walter

go to Making home affordable web site . they have numbers for free service with this as well as helping you gte strated .

just dont give up and keep bothering them. they have to do this to help people who are in trouble with their homes . but they will try to make you mad and give up .

no matter what keep all copies . write down everybody you talk to and keep on their as............


OMG, the first complaint I read I thought was written by me! Every story contains elements of my own story.

After 20 months I did get a modification but had wracked up $16000 in fees! I believe I only got the modification because Senetor Tierney's(MASS)office got involved and negotiated on my behalf. My mod is now 18 months old and I have recovered emotionally enough to persue the refund of the %16,000.

Write to government officials! They DO get back to you and try to help!Good luck to you all.


I have been trying for over a year to get a modification from wells Fargo. I hired a lawyer and still no results.

Well Fargo needs to be investigated by the federal government. I'm going to keep staying in my house til they force me out.

Ill keep sending papers and play their *** game. My house is upside down.


We need to go public these people suck. I'm going through a modification and they just told me I had to start over ,after I made every payment they told me to make.I've been at it for six months doing everything they told me to do,and they are screwing me over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I called WF to do a home loan modification due to a divorce. I was asked monthly to resend in paperwork with new dates on it for 5 months.

Every month calling mulitple times Blake Louder at 803-835-9299 to make sure they received my paperwork. Every month the same song and dance. They received the papers and will be sending them to the loan officers. I called about 10 times a month to get an update and getting told blake is out or he is on the other line and to leave a message.

Every time speaking a a lower representative who looked my paperwork over and said it was fine. Finally a woman comes to my home to tell me she is the poc for the bank who just bought my home. Now I'm moving... I made a complaint the AZ state attorney and WF called me and said they investigated the complaint and told me I had not given them all the paperwork they needed.

Eventhough I called every month just after faxing it to them and getting told everything was in order.

So nothing is going to get done about this AGAIN. Nothing went wrong!!!!!


Wells Fargo has strung us along for 1 yr. House is underwater and I am on disability.

They kept saying docs we had sent them were fine but can never be older than 60 days old at the time a decision is made, so weekly we send paycheck copies, bank statements monthly and hardship letters every 2 months. I am ready to give up and let them have the house.


I pray ALL of you get loan modification solution SOON.... :)


It took ONE year AND faxing, signing+adding VA Loan# and date to EACh page...many pay stubs and FINALLY approved for less % rate and lower mortgage payment. I was close to checking into the local psych hospital for one week voluntary eval as I couldn't stand the stress.

I can NOW move on with my life and work on home improvement, landscaping etc.


2 plus years 27 packages and Wells Fargo and there attornies do nothing.. 23 years in my home,upside down 65,000 due to the economy..

wells advised to fall behind and stated you wont go into forclosure .. good joke, day 92 served with papers, day 93 offered to pay the 3 months in 2 payments in weeks time, told sorry your in forclosure call the forclosure attorney... still waiting for a call back 2 years later... they do this to you...

you try and work things out before it gets too far and all they do is add up fees and increase your loan, and suck the life out of you...

talk about trying to stay sane not knowing if your going to be on the street tomorrow... there a joke!


I, too, have been in this appalling situation for 2 years and hired an attorney to deal with them. Two years ago, I had been on the point of foreclosure but my attorney got me into mediation through the courts.

My file is now a foot thick because Wells Fargo keeps asking for the same documents over and over and over again. One time they said they couldn't accept my P&L statements because my name and address had to be at the top of the page, not the bottom!!! Are they kidding me ???

Someone suggested a class action suit.

If that happens, I'm In. :upset


I too have been in the Wells Fargo black hole of lies and loan modification *** for two years. I now feel like it is Well's Fargo's #1 priority to force me into a mental institution and put my children on the street.

I have jumped through so many hoops and complied with every request for two long years... and still, every week, it's something new. The people in the office of executive complaints are clueless paper-pushers who apparently get lots of vacation time. I am devastated and on the *** of a nervous breakdown.

There are so many details that I could share, but I no longer have the strength. There is no hope.


After trying for more than two years for a loan modification with Wells Fargo and have to re-submit paperwork over and over and constantly speaking to a new service person, I am done!!!! They can have the house.

Loosing my sanity is not worth this house. Bank of America is setting up events "home loan help" to help people keep their homes. I called Wells Fargo to see if they had the same, they told me to go to their site under events, IT IS A JOKE!!

They only have a few out west, but B of A has them throughout the country. What a shame our loans are not with B of A, at least they are looking for solutions.z4Nxa


It is true, Wells Fargo has no intention of modifying loans. The people they hire don't know the mortgage business so how in the world can anyone get a modified loan.

I asked one young lady if the paper work that I submitted for my modification would go to a loan underwriter. She said she never heard that term before, she did not know what an underwriter was. It was at that point I knew it was a lost cause.

I repeated the process of submitting a new loan package and all updated exhibits five times. I guess I am a slow learner!