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Update by user Apr 18, 2013

They said the card was blocked because they thought a transaction I made looked suspicious. The transaction in question was with a company I have done business with for three years..I usually place an order with them every three months.

Original review posted by user Apr 18, 2013

It is pretty bad when your debit card is blocked because of a legitimate transaction. I was stuck at a gas station today because i pumped almost 50 dollars worth of gas and when I went to pay for it my card had been blocked by Wells Fargo.

It took three phone calls to Wells Fargo and three to my wife getting the information Wells Fargo required before my card was released by wells fargo so that I could pay for my gas. I was stuck at the gas station for an hour.

My wife was late for work because she was busy getting information for wells fargo. I'm gonna be shopping for a new bank today.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wells Fargo Checking Account.

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Same I make the same transaction constantly it's a pre paid card for my military son blocked constantly to the same bank card.


They always block my card. It's horrible.

I went out to eat and the bill was 50, BLOCKED! Paying for uber BLOCKED!

Buying a plane ticket BLOCKED! Get it together Wells Fargo.


That is not unusual actually. If any activity seems unusual every bank will block the account to make sure the charges are yours.

I have been with Bank Of America for nearly 20 years, and anytime I know I am going to have a more than normal charge or spend more than I normally do I call the bank and let them know so they do not flag any charges. I have never had one yet.

With me calling I have been protected when my wallet was stolen.

It is a pain, but they really are trying to keep your account secure.


You never said why the card was blocked.